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The Torment of a lifetime

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The Torment of a lifetime The dining room door was left ajar; he could smell all the different aromas spilling through. He wasn't hungry, he settled for a cup of coffee. The coffee awoke his taste buds and realised that he could eat a breakfast. Unexpectedly he heard his name being called out over the tannoy, to go to the medical wing without delay. He thought it was just another routine medical examination, which all other staff dread. He stood before the door. He let out a loud sigh entered the room and marched his way to the grubby desk and announced himself. He was asked to sit down and wait for someone to call his name to proceed with his examination. The chairs were all stained and torn; they were in need of urgent replacement. His attention was fixated on a magazine about the Ancient Romans; he picked it up and began to read it. The noise suddenly ceased, leaving the tick-tocking of the clock not difficult to hear. He nervously waited, as he knew what was about to come. He began to hear faint footsteps gradually getting louder and closer being stomped in a rhythmic, ridiculed taunt. ...read more.


He scans each corridor and area recalling the memories from his time here. He passes by his quarters, stops and gazes towards the door. He has his hand positioned to release the door from the frame, to have a last look at his lodgings. The chilled air enters his body and then processes the smells to remind him of all his memories, like a computer reading a disc to tell us what it contains. The taste of enjoyment but yet bitterness swoops over taste buds making him recall his good and bad times. The voice demanded him again to go to the Generals quarters. He hurried back towards the door. As the door slammed shut behind him, he swiftly upped his marching pace to shorten the time to arrive at the Generals Quarters. His mischievous meandering brings attention to himself by the other staff. He narrowly evades several staff and obstacles in his path. He finally reached his destination. He stands hunched up and gasping for air as if he were a man stood on a planet with no atmosphere. He recovers from his oxygen debt and knocks on the door three times and peered his head around the wood stained door and enters cautiously and vigilantly. ...read more.


He stays motionless. Like a soldier in a sentry box guarding the Queen, not daring to move even though he was sweating profusely. His nerves were on edge. He didn't know if it was through fear or excitement. His stomach was performing what felt like sideways, sickening, scary somersaults, his teeth were chatting uncontrollably. In the centre of a large, warm but damp chamber, he still stands to attention. He is now engulfed in a spiral of red lights circling above his head. He is mesmerised by the kaleidoscope of colours swirling around in the Stargate. A reverberating voice coming from each speaker at each corner intercepts his ear passages and brings him back to reality. The noise repeatedly whirled around. He finally figured out this perplexing preparation. He knew he would be chosen for this, but he didn't know how to set about preparing for it. He was told a message not spoke in English, within seconds it was deciphered. He had his orders. He exhaled, then took in a deep breath, cocked his gun and took his first step towards the unknown. ...read more.

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