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The Town of Llareggub

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The Town of Llareggub By Nick Bodenstein The town of Llareggub is a small fictitious Welsh fishing village, which serves as the main setting for the play Under Milk Wood. The play gives the reader an insight into how the villagers live over a period of 24 hours. The play starts in the early morning and continues through the day until bedtime. In the introduction, Llareggub is presented as a small fishing village with a small population. Dylan Thomas depicts the village as dark, with a moonless sky. In the village, all the people are asleep, and dreaming various dreams. The village is also described as extremely quiet (?lulled and dumbfound?); so quiet that it is possible to hear other noises emanating from various places. He also refers to a gentle salty breeze throughout the introductory passage. ...read more.


?The sloeblack, slow black, crowblack, fishing boat bobbing sea? uses assonance and extensive repetition of the word ?black? to convey darkness and also describe how fishing boats bob in the sea. This theme of darkness is continued by using metaphors such as ?the houses are as blind as moles?, ?widows weeds? and the ?anthracite statues of horses?. Dylan Thomas refers to the silence of the town in the phrase, ?you can hear the dew falling, and the hushed town breathing.? In the sentence, ?All the people of the lulled and dumbfound town are sleeping now?, Dylan Thomas introduces the fact that the villagers are sleeping. The phrase ?glide in their dreams? is used to describe that the young girls are dreaming in their sleep. ...read more.


The townspeople?s sleeping is described by the metaphor, ?the black and folded town, fast, and slow, asleep.? Thomas characterises the townspeople as having different experiences and dreams by describing the different ?movements and countries and mazes and colours and dismays? behind the ?eyes of the sleepers ?. Amongst these townspeople, the young girls are dreaming of their weddings and marriages, and the young boys dreaming of adventures involving pirates. One of the main characters, Captain Cat is a blind and retired sea captain, who dreams of his ship, the S.S Kidwelly, and encountering ?long drowned? crew as well as a woman who he used to love, called Rosie Probert. The young girls? dreams of weddings and marriage are described in detail. They lie ?bedded soft or glide in their dreams, with rings and trousseaux, bridesmaided by glow-worms down the aisles of the organ playing wood. ...read more.

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