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The tragedy of English football

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´╗┐The Tragedy of English Football A sport that divides a nation like no other. Some see it as a game played by hooligans on streets; others call it ?The Beautiful Game.? The nation is led by a group of world class players but who don?t unfortunately make a world class team. In the run up to a tournament, they are easily the best, but when it really matters, the team are left wanting. This team is England. Today I will talk to you about the tragedy of English football. There are many problems with English football. For starters, England gave the game to the world. Its managerial class has spread the game to South America and Australia. England is the home of the world?s most expensive football league in the world where a few of the world?s best teams play. ...read more.


Another major problem is that he is 34 years old. Another example is Steven Gerrard. He made his England debut as a substitute where he came on against Ukraine. Since then, he has gone on to score only 21 goals 91 appearances. Gerrard is now 32 and like Lampard is cracking with age. England needs new talent. This brings me onto youth development. England lags behind the rest of Europe in youth development. The fact that the FA believes that footballers are born, not made is a major fall-back. England does have the right facilities. The FA just spent 105 million pounds on building the St Georges Park. The centre has 12 world-class training pitches, with both grass and artificial surfaces, and a full sized indoor pitch with under floor heating. ...read more.


And this sparked off in the media. The media does not help at all. They just make a big fuss over a small incident and soon, the tabloids spread it to everyone. Take John Terry. He was accused of racially abusing Queens Park Rangers defender Anton Ferdinand. Terry denied the allegation and soon went on trial after the Euro 2012 tournament. He was then finally declared of being racist to the defender. But the media made such a big fuss about it, it seemed that he was accused of racism, even before he went on trial. But if you put these downfalls aside for a moment, there is a question people always ask themselves: ?How did this tiny place on the world map conquer such a big part of the world. Forget history. It will take just a couple England wins in their qualification campaign for the World Cup 2014 and the delusion machine will be cranking again. ...read more.

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