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The tragedy of

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The tragedy of "MacBeth" by William Shakespeare was written in 1606. At this time people were very superstitious and believed in witchcraft and the power of evil. At the beginning of the play we hear that MacBeth is a noble warrior he was one of the main leaders in Duncan's army he was away at battle for Duncan, after they defeat the Norwegians he was on his way to his wife when he comes across three witches they tell him a prophecy that he will become thane of Glamis they then say that one day he will become king of Scotland this sets Macbeths mind on nothing else but the title of king. He then returns home when a messenger approaches him and gives him the title of thane of Glamis this proves that the ...read more.


Macbeth drugs the kings guards at the door of the chamber and takes their daggers as a weapon for his brutal murder as he enters he see's a phantom dagger before himself he wants to be king but he does not want to turn to murder as Duncan is such a good and loyal man. Lady Macbeth is the one that proved herself to be as weak as Macbeth as she enters the chamber before Macbeth she returns back out and uses the excuse of that Duncan looks like her own father she then mocks Macbeth calling him a coward this is the final push for macbeth he then decides that he will kill this good and true man. ...read more.


nipple from his boneless gums and dashed the brains out had I sworn as you have done to this" but lady macbeth is right Macbeth made a vow to lady macbeth that he will end king Duncan and become king. He becomes king but because he is tormented by his guilt he is lead to further evil and to kill Banquo. My conclusion is that the death of king Duncan points the blame on lady Macbeth she constantly ordered Macbeth to end him she pushed him to become a murderer but it was also his fault his fault for not being a bigger man he was so vulnerable believing that himself the great and noble warrior could be a coward. He allowed himself to be pushed and knew he weren't doing what is righteous and true. ...read more.

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