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'The Train from Rhodesia' Discuss the theme of exploitation in the story.

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Sarah Holden 10AT Essay Question 1 'The Train from Rhodesia' Nadine Gordimer Discuss the theme of exploitation in the story. Exploitation is a main theme in the story. Some examples of this are the following; The newly-weds are on a train which runs through Rhodesia. The woman is looking at the souvenirs that are on offer at the train station, this is where she sees a sculpture of a lion that she falls in love with. Most of the exploitation takes place between the husband and the sculptor. But, the first sign of exploitation is actually between the wife and the sculptor, she may not know that she is doing it though. ...read more.


When the sculptor doesn't give in to his bartering so the husband gives up and walks away from the sculptor. As the train is pulling away from the station the sculptor starts to chase after the train to try and sell him the lion once more. 'Questioning for the last time at the windows...' this line makes the reader feel as if the sculptor has to accept the measly offering of 'one-and-six baas' for his work. The reason that the sculptor must accept this is because he does not know when there is another train and how long it will be before he can feed his family again. ...read more.


In line 135 it tells the reader that the young man was 'shaking his head with laughter and triumph'. This is a sign of his ignorance towards the culture of the country he is visiting supposedly for his honey-moon and the exploitation of the people he is around, he is taking advantage of the sculptor's poverty by paying less for the sculpture than what it is worth. The idea of this shocks the young woman and infuriates her. 'But how could you' her voice was rising and breaking with the 'shrill importance of anger'. This surprises her husband, we know this by 'Good Lord, what's the matter?' he sincerely thought that she would have been pleased with him. She goes mad at him for exploiting the generosity of the sculptor. They are the main points of exploitation in the story 'The Train from Rhodesia'. ...read more.

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