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The Train Journey

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The Train Journey Mrs D Dalby I chose the empty carriage hoping to be alone with my memories. The guard waved his flag, then blew his whistle and the train began to move slowly away, Then with a rush the train door opened and a fat middle aged woman about my own age heaved herself into a seat opposite to myself. Keeping my eyes lowered I pretended to be reading the newspaper on my lap, while I observed out of the corner of my eyes her thick set legs dangling inches from the floor. The train began to gather speed and at the same time her fat legs swung back and forth in time with the motion of the train. I was as one hypnotised as I stared at the woman who was now humming a little tune that I remembered from my school days. ...read more.


Everyone cheered me except Gertie Harris who was livid with rage; Her horrible bulging eyes had peered into mine 'One day' she said between teeth clenched with rage 'I am going to kill you.' The woman's eyes had become vacant as if she was in another time and place. Her skirt had developed a concertina effect. I could see pink fleecy knickers reaching down below her knees; 'passion killers us girls used to call them. My eyes lingered for a while upwards, our eyes met, I lowered mine hastily, but as one hypnotised my eyes were drawn again to the woman struggling to discard her anorak'. One arm was partly freed waving about in the air. I could see a sweaty patch wet and dark against the pink cashmere jumper. ...read more.


The tunnel.....yes....thats what she was waiting for, she was watching my every move with gloating amusement. I closed my eyes and prayed. I caught a glimpse of the fat legs coming to-wards me, I felt the fat podgy hands squeezing my throat. In desperation I screamed holy murder and clawed the air in an endeavour to free myself; my legs flayed wildly this way and thataway; I could feel myself suffocating, I gave one last almighty scream that echoed through the tunnel, the train screamed an encore. 'Wake up' shouted my husband, 'Its your school reunion today remember, twenty five years isn't it?' He looked at the bed clothes tumbled on the floor. 'What was you dreaming about? any body would think you was being murdered the way you screamed and threw yourself ~ I gave an audible sigh of relief 'I`ve been on a train journey' 'Where to' he asked. 'To hell and back' I replied. The End ...read more.

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