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The Train to Nowhere

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Chris Rands The Train to Nowhere As the 7.20 to Roma cruised in to the station everyone was amazed by the sheer magnificence of this ornate-old styled steam train. It was the elite of the elite, the best money could buy. As it came to a halt Isabella took her newly married husband by the hand and ran onto the train with the excitement of an eight-year-old schoolgirl. She went skipping down the train until she came across Room 23, her room. Jerry eventually got to the room, put the two suitcases down, took several deep breaths and opened the door. Isabella went into the room and threw herself on the bed. Jerry went into the room having a good look around, went into the bathroom and inspected that. "There are no soaps or shampoos in the bathroom, I'll ask for some later," said Jerry. "Shut up and come here, professor" Isabella whispered in a very sexy voice. "Just a moment," replied Jerry. Isabella looked disappointed. He got hold of his suitcase, stroked his neatly trimmed beard and started to lay out his clothes in the wardrobe. Then Isabella started to do the same with her suitcase. She did not even get halfway through unpacking, "Lets leave this and go explore," Isabella said as she was re-doing her hair in the mirror on the wall. There was no answer from Jerry. ...read more.


At that point Isabella went back to her room with a certain swagger. She got in to the room and Jerry was asleep on the bed. "Ha loser," Isabella muttered under her breath. She carried on unpacking the bags that she had left earlier. Out of one of the locked inner pockets in her suitcase she pulled out a small bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin to get to a small pot with opium in it. "What gets me through the week without dying of boredom." She was just taking the lid off the top pot when Jerry twitched and snored, Isabella instantly hid the pot in the pocket. She looked around and realised he was still asleep. She got the small pot out of her pocket, took the lid off and took a very small snort of the opium. She then rapidly sealed up the pot and locked it up in her suitcase again and started to unpack the rest of it. Isabella started to try on dresses for her date later that evening. She went through four and then finally decided on a short black slinky dress and a black woollen cardigan. Still on a bit of a high she turned on the small radio Jerry brought with him and stared to listen and sing to it. Jerry woke up hearing the singing of his wife. "What's going on?" Jerry muttered as he was getting up. ...read more.


She came back, took a sip of her drink and felt very unstable and light-headed. Francesco got up and helped a very intoxicated Isabella out to the back of the train to the balcony, took her necklace off her neck, recited the words off it 'From my mind to the depths of my soul I yearn to achieve all of my goals' and placed it in his inside jacket pocket. He then gave her a kiss on her lips, picked her up and dropped her off the back of the train. Francesco tapped his jacket where the necklace was and walked off. He walked swiftly back to his room. He went through the restaurant and dropped a small bundle of money on his dinning table as he walked past. He was just about to open his door to his room when he saw a single well-dressed woman going in to her room. "Hi, I'm Francesco, you look lonely. Would you like me to comfort you" was the frequently used words he said to this woman and as always she could not resist his charm and good looks. It was getting very late and Jerry was worried so he began to look for his wife. He searched the train from top to bottom and back again and still could not find her. He was very worried now and started shouting, "Isabella", at the top of his voice but little did he know his wife was lying, a bloody mess, on the train tracks about twelve miles back. ...read more.

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