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The Tramp. The Park was silent. Still. night had fallen. and the only living thing in the park was a man, his only possession, a dilapidated bag.

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The tramp The Park was silent. Still. night had fallen. and the only living thing in the park was a man, his only possession, a dilapidated bag. His clothes were moth eaten, and faded. His white socks, now black, his hair used to be a beach blonde but now his hair was turned to a murky black. there was a bit of saliva travelling down the side of his unshaven cheek. The only company he had had with him was his faithful Dalmatian. With its fur matted and muddy, the dog was so muddy that the only spots it had were white . Next to the tramp was a half eaten pack of greasy and dry chips with a flask of brandy, with half of its content on the floor. ...read more.


He spotted a discarded wallet and after a few minutes of a fruitless search he found nothing more than a few measly vouchers. With the remaining change in his hands he walked off to his local Sainsbury caf´┐Ż. The Staff looked at his with utter contempt and disgust and swiftly gave him his coffee, The customers quickly dispersed away from him as soon as he appeared. This didn't bother him as he had preferred his own company, he had learnt the hard way that he was alone. After walking back out he gave his dog some of his coffee and walked on. 5 minutes later his coffee felt lukewarm in his arms. ...read more.


He was soaked. he ambled his way back to nowhere . His dog was arthritic and hated his walks, and only followed his master due to loyalty, he searched every nook and cranny for an alley way. when he found it he looked regretfully at his flask and started a fire and poured the remainder of his alcohol into the fire, but before he drank half of it greedily. Soon enough once his supply of alcohol was depleted, he fell a sleep yet again. His dog woke the master up, and snorted sleepily opening both eyes, he saw the city was deserted. Soon he struggled to his feet and walked back to his bench. Within minutes the tramp was back to his usual stupor ...read more.

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