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The Trials and Tribulations of being a Teenager

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The Trials and Tribulations of Being a Teenager The word 'teenager' means different things to parents of children and children generally who enter this age group. To some parents it can mean the time when a child matures and becomes more responsible. Some parents think this is a time of a child's life when they become less responsible than they should be. I think that teenagers become more responsible to what they should do and take their responsibilities seriously like attending school and doing school work to the best of their ability. I believe that many parents think differently about children coming into their teen years now compared to their own teen years. ...read more.


This does not however mean that parental influence affects the decisions made by teenagers. It allows teenagers to have a breadth in the choice that they have to make. Parents that I know of and those that I hear of give me a general idea that they think that teenagers are disrespectful of elders but I feel that that is not true. I think that you earn your respect on how you treat others so if teenagers are not respecting their elders it probably means that elderly person does not show respect to them. I try to give as much respect to my elders as I can, depending upon how they treat me; because if they don't respect me there is no reason for me to respect them. ...read more.


My opinion is that parents should give their teenagers space so that they can develop and mature. Parents should also be strict in controlling their children so that do concentrate on the right things and don't ruin their lives. However if parents are too strict and tell their children what to do all the time I think that can have a negative effect and their children to deliberately go against their parents' will and end up in trouble. Some space and some liberty should always be given to teenagers to allow them to develop. Parents should share things with their children if they think that it is causing a problem so that it can be improved upon and help the family to be happy. ?? ?? ?? ?? Shrayans 10JD English Mr. Lynn ...read more.

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