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The Truman Show

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The Truman Show Thomas McGrail The Truman show was made in 1998 by Peter Weir. Peter picked Jim Carrey to play Truman Burbank because he is an excellent actor and he is incredibly funny. Peter Weir looks at a new, bigger, better reality television show idea. The Truman show is about a man called Christof who had an idea to watch a baby until it turns one year old but due to the ratings being so high (and an amazing profit) he decides to carry it on until the baby goes through old age and dies. Truman (the star of the show) doesn't know that his world is controlled by the television show and he wasn't suspicious until he turned 29 where he comes close to knowing the secret. Peter Weir looks at a new, bigger, better reality television show idea. In the opening sequence Christof (the creator), talks about "The Truman Show" and telling the audience about the show. This is an intercut with interviews with the "actors" Meryl and Marlon saying how great their lives are with Truman. At the beginning of scene 2 Truman is speaking into his bathroom mirror which creates a lot of sympathy immediately for Truman as it shows he is being watched 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. ...read more.


Marlon's personality makes him out to be a very good friend (to Truman and others), he seems not that bright and he occasionally comes across fake. Overall he comes across as a happy and cheerful person. Truman likes Marlon as they are best friends. Truman reveals all his secrets, plans and feelings to Marlon. Truman himself seems like a happy, funny person. Christof dresses him in bright colours and he dresses like a child but formal for work. His personality is childish, calm, awake and easily excited. In scene 1 there is a close up shot on Christof from the audience point of view. This gives him a godly appearance. In this scene Christof tells "the Truman Show" audience and the real audience what the show is about and its beauty of no one ever doing this before. This shows us who Christof is and what his role is in the Truman show. The mis-en-scene in this scene is the computers, monitors, people busying themselves behind Christof, high tech equipment and cameras. This shows how serious Christof is about his project. Scene 2 starts with Truman being the audience point of view as it is a close up on his face through the bathroom mirror. ...read more.


The mis-en-scene in this scene is an unfinished bridge, golf ball, golf clubs, cars, beer, street lights and the sea. This was used to show the audience that the bridge is unfinished so Truman can't leave Seahaven. When Truman has a flashback to his "dad" Kirk drowning the camera jumps from Truman sat on the beach to Truman's flashback which is the audience point of view. In the flashback the camera angles switched from High angle to a long shot to a mid-shot to a close up to a point of view to a crane shot and a low angle. The mis-en-scene is a boat and sea. The camera angles create sympathy for Truman because it shows that his life is really being watched wherever he goes and that they have cameras on a boat. Finally, Peter Weir's most effective techniques to cause the audience to have sympathy for Truman are the camera angles and editing which is telling us as the audience that his whole life has been spied on by millions of people all around the world. Weir also uses clever mis-en-scene for example when that audience first see Seahaven, it looks extremely fake and almost like a child's toy town. ...read more.

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