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The Truth behind Animal Rights and Wrongs- Derived from balanced and biased texts.

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The Truth behind Animal Rights and Wrongs- Derived from balanced and biased texts. One of the most controversial cruelty issues concerns the future of research and healthcare centred on animal testing. Debates concentrate on whether we should stop animal testing or not. On one hand, coversationists argue that animal research and testing is crucial for our futures healthcare and that what they do can only be through animals. On the other hand, it is argued that like humans; animals have feelings and they don't deserve to be testes on. The two extracts 'Animal Rights and Wrongs' published by the Guardian, and 'Animal Experiments are Bad Science' published by Animal Aid, are both giving us some light on animal testing. ...read more.


The Animal Aid leaflet, if you read it you will know it is a persuasive piece of text. This can be clarifies by the use of rhetorical questions. It uses pictures of animals with strong human like expressions, especially the monkey. Looking at the monkey is like looking at our own primitive selves, this is also backed by Charles Darwin's theory, now there is even greater feeling in our hearts, if we think these are our long lost relatives as so to speak. The 'Animal Rights and Wrongs' leaflet has a lot of pictures of domestic pets, phrases like 'Mans Best Friend' make feelings to the subject even greater. ...read more.


To conclude, the 'Animal Rights and Wrongs' article uses much more pictures than the Animal Aid leaflet, and it has lots of negative sub-headings all of which are balanced out by the facts it gives us, which in my opinion is very important in making a big decision. The Animal Aid leaflet wants to feed us with the info of its own choice 'brain washing', it is also okay with the idea of getting support from carnivores, but its not okay with the idea of advancing on future healthcare and research via animals. Its true, the research and new medicine haven't paid in, but a lot of it has. The Animal Aid leaflets purpose is understandable; it is setting forward an argument, whereas the 'Animal Rights and Wrongs' article is there to inform. ...read more.

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