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The tulip touch

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The 168 page book called "The Tulip Touch" by Annie Fine, quoted "the book with the fiery eye and the secret message on the cover" is about a teenage girl who lives inside a large hotel called "the palace". After constantly staying at the hotel Natalie become bored, and with her mum busily running the hotel Natalie and her dad went for a walk by the farm which is where they met Tulip, who from that moment on became Natalie's friend. At the beginning of their friendship Tulip almost never arrived at school and Natalie was left to drift around the playground aimlessly with out any friends hoping Tulip would show up. To make it even worse Natalie was not allowed to find Tulip after school for reasons she didn't understand. ...read more.


Natalie felt very undecided and confused with her parent's decision of sending her to Heathcote and on the days just before the deadline she felt like a bird on an extremely hot wire, every few minutes she expected to hear her dad say "well Heathcote it is" and then to see him send off the note. Soon Natalie had become so influenced by Tulip that she too had become bad in and out of school, finding harder and harder ways to get into trouble, even going as far as conning their way into other people's houses. As the flames of the chicken shed leapt higher and higher Natalie was suddenly pulled down into a ditch by Tulip as she heard the fire sirens, and then suddenly out of the whirl of confusion everything just clicked into place. ...read more.


Natalie feels sorry and guilty for Tulip because she has a wonderful hotel to stay in and great parents to take care of her while Tulip lives in a dump with horrible parents who don't care for her. I think the message of the book is that no-one is born evil and that there is a reason for their behavior, for Tulip it was her parents and overall home life. I enjoyed the "touch" Tulip always added to her lies for example the lie was: the army is using the farm for training, and the touch she added was: when I get home they are letting me drive a tank. I learnt that there are some bad people in the world who may have had extremely sad lives and that all of us, like Natalie, can choose good or evil. ...read more.

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