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The Turn of the Screw.

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The Turn of the Screw. James has created a novel that is made increasingly horrific by the use of the tension and suspense in the book. One of these moments of tension and suspense is after the governess, who is the reader's narrator, has had her first encounter with the ghost of Quint. When she met the ghost she did not know that it was a ghost she beheld and the moment I have chosen is the instant that she finds out that Quint is in fact dead. Mrs. Grose's revelation that, "Yes. Mr. Quint is dead", is a short sentence that increases the suspense of the moment as the reader wants more information about the death and about Quint-but this isn't given. This line is situated at the end of a chapter giving it the added effect of it being a cliffhanger and nothing more being said in the conversation. Even when the next chapter is started the conversation is not carried on and no more reference is made to the startling exposure of the death. The effect of this on the reader is that they have to make their own assumption of what exactly Quint is like, as they are not given enough information to have a full idea. ...read more.


The moment I have chosen is when the governess is plunged into her final horror and despair and loudly sobs " I don't save or shield them! It's far worse than I dreamed - they're lost!" This moment is took to mean that the children's souls are lost to the ghosts, but it is debatable about whether all of this is just because of her crazy state of mind. This moment creates suspense as the reader wonders how exactly they are lost, and whether they actually are. It creates horror as the Victorians at the time of the writing of this book would of found the idea of a soul being damned, or lost extremely horrifying as they were very religious. It would have been made more horrifying by the fact that it was a child's soul that should still be innocent and pure. They believed that the soul was the one thing that carried on after death, and having this damned meant that it could not carry on existing, which was a terrible thought. A horrifying moment in the book is when the governess realizes that Flora has deceived her. Flora had to pretend that she didn't see the ghost when she was with the governess and the fact that a child as young as eight can keep a secret from an adult is a very unnatural characteristic. ...read more.


There are hints in the book that she wasn't in a completely normal state of mind before she came to Bly, this could have been caused by her upbringing. The hints in the book that show she had a hard childhood "as well as many particulars of the eccentric nature of my father, of the furniture and arrangement of our house, and of the conversation of the old women of our village" this implies that she grew up in an unstable environment which could have added to the troubles that cause her to start hallucinating. We learn in the book that the Uncle who hired her is not very concerned about the children, meaning that he would not of took the time to interview the governess properly before she got the job. This could explain how she managed to get the position in an already unstable mentality. The fact that the characters Miss Jessel and Peter Quint are envisioned by the governess and are not real people means that the feelings the ghosts impose on the governess have to of come from the governess' feelings. Therefore, when the governess feels that Quint is trying to get Miles and that she must protect him, which concludes in her killing Miles, she is really sensing her own feelings and acting on her own chaotic urges. Lydia Boast 10S ...read more.

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