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The Turning Point.

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The Turning Point, Id been a budding guitarist for almost 15 years, but for my job I was a pre-cast concrete erector. Id done this job for nearly 4 years and had been on many different sites and jobs. But none of them would stick in my mind as much as the job on the 28th November 2002. We had to go to Dundee, so that meant leaving early that Thursday morning. I picked the lads up Stevie, Shanker and Johnny at about 3.30am. It was a horrible, cold, dark winters morning. My breath bellowed out of mouth like steam from a boiling kettle. So I turned the heaters up full in the van. It soon warmed up in there; we started to feel like we were in Barbados, not an old transit van on the way up to freezing Bonny Scotland. The journey was a typical long, tiring one. The mist hovered around the road like massive viaduct tunnel. At some stages of the journey it looked like we were just driving through a thick, grey rain cloud. We arrived on site at 8.00am, and before we could work we had to get our safety induction. ...read more.


"Right are you ready with the dampfroofing," Stevie yelled. The damproofing for those who don't know is a paper-thin sheet of black polythene about 8 inches wide. "Yeah, I'm ready" I replied. So they got a bar on each side of the slab and lifted the end of the slab up. The slab just lifted about 30mm but that was more than enough to slide the damproofing under the slab. We then moved on to the next slab, same again lifting the end of the slab about 30 mm and then onto the third and final slab. " There you go job done," I said. Stevie looked over the edge where I was standing, took a look at the damproofing and decided that it had to go further in underneath the middle slab. So he and Shanker got back on the slab and raised the end again. "Push it under Bazz!" Stevie yelled, "I cant" I replied, "Its stuck because the slabs at either side have got it stuck tight" I tried to explain. "GO ON PUSH IT FURTHER!" He growled at me. I then tried to push the damproofing in further and then I heard it "Shit", instinct just made me pull my hands back as fast as I could when I heard the crush of the slab onto the wall. ...read more.


My family were all there to greet me on my return. My mother just grabbed me and held me in the way only a mother can. She made me know that I was home and safe. As a result of the accident I was off work for 8 months and I had a lot of time to think about what I wanted to do with my life. It was then I decided to go back into education and study to become a nurse and better my life because there was no way I was putting myself in danger on construction site's again. After all it was what I wanted to do after I left the Army but just didn't have the will to do it then. I suppose all that time off give me the time to plan my strategy, and the guts to do it. Looking back I suppose we could have done it differently. Though I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Maybe it was just my time or there is a great plan were all just part of. I know I'll never play guitar again like I used to and I doubt I'll ever put slabs in again but maybe just maybe I'll get out of life exactly what I want. ...read more.

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