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The Twenty-Second of February

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The Twenty-Second of February My story begins three days ago, well it three to me, to everyone else it was sixteen years and three days ago. The day started off as usual, I had the usual 'great' day at work got back as happy as a bunny, ate my gourmet microwave able lasagne for one, showered and went to bed. When I finally got to sleep after a few sleeping pills I had that same dream yet again. For five years I've been having this dream on and off. It was always exactly the same for all of those five years until this night. Usually it starts off with me standing there not far from the edge of a rock face, and all around is the sort of scenery you would expect to see in the Grand Canyon. Everywhere is this reddish coloured rock and in the distance is the sun just dropping beneath the horizon. A few metres behind me is a pack of about ten vicious, bloodthirsty wolves growling at me. ...read more.


Within seconds the sky was filled and it began to rumble lightning was striking all around me. A storm like no other that I had witnessed had began hail stones began to fall. At first these were only the size of pees but in no time they felt like tennis balls filled with lead. I rolled back over onto my stomach I could no longer take the pain and I tried to stand so I could run to safety. This however was impossible as the hailstones were now piled up on top of me. Now I felt my self sinking into the sand due to the sheer weight of the ice that was crushing me. After a few feet of sinking I dropped into a very small metal chamber that appeared to sealed everywhere including above me. I was only just able to fit inside of it. I couldn't see it but I felt smoke filling up the space around me within a few seconds I was holding my breath but it was unbearable and I opened my mouth and inhaled. ...read more.


Looking out of my eyes I watched the blade forced straight into his torso and the body flew back into the fence. As his body came crashing back down onto the floor I felt control over my body again. I had changed I licked the blade clean and I had the taste for blood. I moved directly towards my sister and plunged the blade straight into her neck. I sucked every last drop of blood from her body. I turned back towards my barely alive brother picking him up by his neck I thrust his body about 30 foot in the air and as the body came back down head first I awaited ready to launch the blade into his skull. I stood looking at their body's lying there and then I awoke and their body's were lying there on the floor inside of the hospital. My sister was completely drained of her blood and my brother had a kitchen knife sticking out of his skull. I looked across to a calendar on the other side of the room and it was the twenty-second of February of the year two thousand. ...read more.

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