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The Twins

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The Twins I am going to write about the time I lost my little baby sisters and the trauma that me and my family went through. I remember this day as if it was yesterday. We were sat in the kitchen waiting for my mum, she was about to get her first scan. We sat there me and my dad having a meaningful conversation about my schoolwork when my mum came down. I said to her. 'Mum don't you think it would be funny if the scan showed that you had twins in your tummy!' She just laughed it off. The afternoon that she returned the scan showed that she was going to have twins. My family and me had been looking forward to the day of the twins birth, but the day that they were about to be very close to me they passed away, my sisters, my little baby sisters. ...read more.


I heard mumbles and saw tears, tears that were mine and everyone else's. Then my Mum came out of her room in a wheelchair I had never seen my Mum look like the way she looked that afternoon. They had to do an emergency caesarean because there were some difficulties and problems. She looked so frail and week she couldn't speak, she just nodded when I asked her a question. My Dad took her down to see Chantell, and when she came back up she couldn't stop crying, she wept and screamed like she didn't have no control on what was happening, and she didn't. I tried to comfort her but she just turned away and asked to be left alone. It was our turn to go downstairs and see Chantell I went down with my brother and Auntie. ...read more.


thoughts came rushing in my head and all of a sudden my heart dropped and tears were coming out of my eyes and I can still remember that moment a if it was yesterday I felt like giving my life up for chantell, my heart had been broken and there was nothing I could do about it. So I just lay there hoping that everything bad would go away, that this was just one big nightmare and I was going to wake up any minute. We got home late that day about 3.00 in the morning. About 12.45pm the next day we got a call from the hospital and my Dad rushed in. At 2.30 in the afternoon My Dad called and said that Chantell had died, she lived for 16 hours but was too small and tiny to fight. We still visit there grave at there re anniversary and they would be seven years of age. ...read more.

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