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The two poems I have chosen to study are The Evacuee by RS Thomas and Death of a Naturalist by Seamus Heaney. Although these two poets choose to explore the theme of childhood innocence, RS Thomas conveys a process of healing and compensation

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English Assignment a Crossover assignment title: With close reference to at least two poems examine how the poets you have studied explore the theme of childhood innocence. In your answer you should consider the following: � the similarities and differences in the poets' approaches and effectiveness of their methods � the use of language and imagery � your personal response The two poems I have chosen to study are "The Evacuee" by RS Thomas and "Death of a Naturalist" by Seamus Heaney. Although these two poets choose to explore the theme of childhood innocence, RS Thomas conveys a process of healing and compensation for childhood innocence through the calming effect of the countryside and the effect of human compassion. In this poem RS Thomas uses three stanzas to show the development phases in the life of the girl in his poem "The evacuee." RS Thomas conveys to the reader the life of a girl who has been evacuated to the country side. His poem deals with a young girl who was evacuated from the town to the welsh hills to prevent her being harmed in the bombings and how she was damaged by what she had experienced and seen. ...read more.


However he uses this to convey to the reader that the girl finally feels at home in the country and that the mental scars of her past are starting to heal. This use of different verses to deal with various issues and events is similar to how Seamus Heaney uses two stanzas to show the contrasting attitudes of the boy as the poem progresses. This poem shows the reader how Heaney, as a child, was fascinated by nature and how seeing the frogs mating ruins that for him and his childish innocence is shattered. Heaney decided to use nature to convey the loss of the child's innocence, the title makes this clear, "Death a naturalist". This is an example of Heaney's humour, because this experience of seeing the frogs mate now seems bland compared to the horror it caused him as a child as he now understands what they were doing and that they were not there to hurt him. Heaney structures this poem very cleverly He uses two stanzas in almost the same way Thomas structured his poem. In addition to dealing with childhood innocence, this is probably the only two similarities in the two poems as Heaney illustrates the irreversible loss ...read more.


"... When fields were rank with cow dung ... " Not only does Heaney use "rank" to describe the putrid smell of the "cow dung", but he also compares it to the rank of a soldier. Heaney uses implicit puns referring to military terms, for example. "Poised like mud grenades, their blunt heads farting." This use of "farting" shocks the reader but Heaney's intention is to convey the horrible sight of the frogs mating, he tries to make the frogs seem as grotesque as possible, and through describing the frogs as "grenades" gives the impression that the frogs are ready to strike. And finally, the child flees: "I sickened, turned, and ran," This shows that the image of the mating frogs and the boy's misinterpretation of their actions destroy his childish innocence. To conclude I prefer Seamus Heaney's poem, "Death Of a Naturalist" as it is written with a sense of irony, loss of the Childs innocence is inevitable yet Heaney writes about this experience with a sense of reluctance , however once our eyes have been opened to such an experience we can't block it out completely. ?? ?? ?? ?? English Assignment A: Poetry 1 James Pyper 12 (6) ...read more.

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