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The two poems that I will be comparing are On my first sonne by Ben Johnson and Nettles by Vernon Scanell.

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Bn Shaun Ali The two poems that I will be comparing are "On my first sonne" by Ben Johnson and "Nettles" by Vernon Scanell. Both poems share a similar theme about emotions and how they care for their children. Nettles express the writer's emotions and feelings for their child when it says, "with sobs and tears the boy came seeking comfort and I saw white blisters beaded on his tender skin. We soothed him till his pain was not so raw" this shows the parents emotions for how much he loves this child and it further goes on to "went outside and slashed it with fury" this also shows the parent cares for the child as they are getting pay back for what the nettles have done to the child. On my first sonne also talks about emotions for a child as it says "lov'd boy" this is explaining how he loves his son just like how the parent loves their child in Nettles. ...read more.


These examples show that the poems use different languages and I think that On my first sonne is much more effective than Nettles because without using poetic techniques Ben Jonson has still made the poem very effective as it makes me very sad for him. To convey meaning and create the mood and feeling in both poems the poets have expressed themselves by using words that are angry at points and also they both use sad and caring words that set the mood of the poems at points. Nettles uses words that include "fury" and "fierce" this sets the atmosphere of the poem to be angry this is also used it On my first sonne where it says "rage" and "envie" this shows that the poems both have comparisons. Both poems also share another similarity which is they both have a quite sad mood throughout each of them, Nettles says things such as "white blisters on his tender skin" this is an example of how the poem is sad. ...read more.


I think that On my first sonne is very effective because it is a very serious matter that is written very well, with out the use of poetic writing such as similes and onomatopoeia. Jonson makes the death of his son sound much more comforting by using words like "rest in soft peace", which is very effective as it makes death sound more comforting and soothing. Nettles is not as effective as On my first sonne but still effective because it uses nettles as a metaphor for the pain and hurt involved in growing up, and a father's desire to protect his son, which is effective because it has deeper meaning than just the poem about nettles. Nettles made me think deeper into what I was reading an also made me think that the parent of the child is a loving caring parent. It didn't make me sad, unlike On my first sonne which made me very upset when I read about how much he loved his son, So from reading them both and comparing them, I consider On my first sonne to be the much more effective poem out of the two. ...read more.

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