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The two stories iam going to compare are

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Assignment # 3: Text from other Cultures For this assignment I am going to compare and contrast the themes and languages of two poems. The two poems I am going to describe are 'Old Father' written by Hugh Boatswain and 'Island Man' by Grace Nicholas. Old Father is about a certain immigrant who lives in England in the winter of 1959. The poem is written in a West-Indian dialect. The poem is about a black man who denies his roots and wants to become like a 'White Man'. He does this by acting like them for example he wears white clothes also he likes it in England and to stay there. Island Man is about a certain immigrant who lives in Neasdon, in London. He has a dream about waking up in his own land in the Caribbean Sea, hearing the sound of the sea. ...read more.


In Old Father we realise that he loves England: "His roots have no meaning now. " So he likes it in England and doesn't want to leave England. He has also forgotten who he is. He is trying to be like the 'White Man', not the black man that he really is. We also see that he has changed into someone different: "Coloured girls no good for he." This shows that he has totally changed into someone different, as he is coloured and not going out with coloured girls. However, he is going out with girls with a 'Blonde' hair and wearing clothes that are 'cream or beige' not. All these prove to show that he is no longer a coloured man to us. When in reality he is coloured from the outside, but inside he feels that he is a white man. The public looks at him and say: "He's an example to his people." ...read more.


When it comes to the language of the two poems in my opinion I would say that there is not much to say. Old Father is written in a West Indian dialect. So there is no language techniques used. Also the language is West Indian, it is not in clear English. However, in Island man it is slightly different. A foreigner also wrote it. The poem only has one dialect. However, there are some forms of language used. There is metaphor's used: "The sun surfacing defiantly." This emphasises that the sun is surfacing defiantly. It shows colour imagery as it makes a picture in our minds of the sun surfacing the seaside and the rest of the country. Also another used is onomatopoeia: "Muffling muffling" This emphasises that he is making noises on the pillow as he tries to get comfortable sleeping on it. As a conclusion I would say both the poems are very strange as they are not written in Modern English but they are unique as they are original poems. ...read more.

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