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The two stories Of Mice and Men and The Ostler where both set in the country side but in different countries.

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The two stories "Of Mice and Men" and "The Ostler where both set in the country side but in different countries. "The Ostler" was set in England and "Of Mice and Men" was set in Salinas, California, USA in the late 1930's, While "The Ostler" was set in the late 1900's. The two authors are John Steinback who wrote "Of Mice and Men" and Willkie Collens who wrote "The Ostler". The main question of the essay is to "Explain how the authors create sympathy for the characters Lennie and Isaac in "Of Mice and Men" and "The Ostler". The story of "The Ostler begins with the owner of the hotel telling the story to a man who heard his strange dream, the man Isaac has a dream on his Birthday that someone is going to kill him, He then gets married. ...read more.


Lennie kills a pup while they boys are playing a game, curly wife comes in and starts flirting with Lennie, Lennie starts stroking her hair and kills her. He runs away, but George finds him and kills him. Lennie and Isaac have similarities and differences. The similarities are that they both are not very smart. "He ain't no cuckoo, He's dumb as hell, But he ain't crazy" More on Lennie's side because he has a disability, so he relies on people but mostly George "what is it George". Both Lennie and Isaac are forgetful which leads them into trouble. They also have some differences, Lennie lives in California, and Isaac lives in England. They also have different jobs Lennie is a migrant worker and Isaac works in a shop. Lennie and Isaac both rely on people, Lennie relies on George and Isaac relies on his mother and wife. ...read more.


This is like she has not been given a voice so she doesn't have a chance to explain why she tried to kill Isaac. The story Of Mice and Men is a third person view, which can be biased because the author in chapter two gives a description of Curly's wife, which is biased. "The boss was expecting you last night" This is biased because the author is only expressing his feelings. The Ostler is written to the landlord's view so it will be biased. This is because the Landlord's is a friend of Isaac so he only tells Isaac good points, and none of his bad ones. It shows sympathy for Lennie by only showing his bad ways not both sides, this is due to the way the author wrote the book. It shows sympathy for Isaac by showing only one side of him showing that he is a bit slow, it would be fairer if you had another side to him. ...read more.

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