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The Underworld

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The Underworld By Olivia Dueser Task: In Dorris Lessing's story Jerry goes through the tunnel into his own life. Use this as a basis for your own piece of imaginative writing which has as its pivot an experience which transforms, or changes, your central character. Describe this event, or experience, as its aftermath. The boy in the dark hooded jumper knew he made a mistake, yet he sat deep in the dark, forgotten carriage of the underground. As the hourglass of the journey started to run, the forgotten carriage sank deeper and deeper into the endless, forsaken underworld. As people walked past him, they gave him a sort of unforgiving look. That was probably because of the way he hunched his shoulders forward, making him look some how mysterious and hazardous. He looked older than fifteen and was well built. He had green eyes that were like glistening emeralds in the sun. His name was Brian Matthews. His parents had died in a most devastating car crash when he was nine and since then he has lived with his atrocious aunt in South London. The flat that they lived in was not big or smart. Brian dropped out of school so that he could help his aunt earn money in order for them to have a home. All of a sudden the tube jolted so hard that Brian fell forwards like a book falling from its place. ...read more.


"Sorry that I was late but I got held up." Brian said nothing. "You haven't had second thoughts have you?" "No," I said in a very powerful tone. "You've got nothing to worry about, Brian, mate. It's going to be very easy. Charlie already told me." Sure Brian had nothing to worry about because Charlie was Ian's older brother who just happened to be in prison, in a young juvenile detention centre! Ian didn't really talk much about him. But it was Charlie who had heard of the warehouse. The warehouse was about fifteen to twenty minutes away from the tube station. It was in a manufacturing zone. It was a warehouse stacked with CDs, DVDs, and mobile phones. It was amazing because there were no alarm systems and no security cameras. And the only security guard there was an old man, who was practically deaf and always slept. Charlie knew this because his friend once went there to work on the electrical systems. According to Charlie, you could break in merely using a pin and then walk out with about 200 quids worth of equipment. It was all there, just waiting to be taken. It was like taking candy from a baby. That was why Brian agreed to come down and meet with Ian. He and Ian had done many things before, like stealing cars and stealing things from local supermarkets but never anything like that night. Fear rose up in Charlie. ...read more.


That was when it all started to go wrong. Brian knew that the radio noise was not a good sign. Just as Brian was about to turn round, a giant hand clumped onto his shoulder and the security guard said "What the hell are you doing here?" Brian tried to turn round but he couldn't. The policeman took Brian's hands and suddenly nothing seemed simple anymore. The security guard was asking if there was someone else with him but just after saying that, the security guard's eyes widened and his mouth fell open. He fell on the floor. Then he saw Ian, with a knife in his hands covered in blood! Ian told Brian that they should leave but Brian protested. "We can't just leave the guard just lying here in his own pool of blood. We should get some help. You can leave but I am going to stay." "Fine then, be a loser, stay but I am going to save myself." Just as Ian finished those words, police sirens were coming out of the blue and there were many of them. Ian fled but Brian just stayed there. That was then Brian realised that when hanging out with Ian, he had gone through a bad transformation. The police came in and saw the guard on the floor covered in blood. They took Brian and cuffed his hands. He heard Ian shouting that it was all Brian's fault. So then he was yanked off into the silent evening. ?? ?? ?? ?? Olivia Dueser English coursework 16.9.05 ...read more.

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