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The Vampire

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The young lady knew nothing about the fate which was going to bestow itself on her tonight. She slept soundly in her comfy bed, only dreaming about the good things, things that are rare to find in the real world. Her room was one of absolute beauty, by glancing at it you could tell a great amount of money had been spent on furnishing it. The wallpaper was a sweet peach colour with a hint of white. The wallpaper gave off an aroma that could only be felt by the eyes; by just looking at you could feel the taste of the peaches that had been used to inspire its colour. The furniture used in the rooms was in no contrast to the wallpaper. There was a grand mahogany cabinet in the corner of the room. There was also a dressing table that was choked up with lady's cosmetics and two hefty chairs beside the thin glassed window. ...read more.


The young lady wore a sleek white silk gown that could be seen through. The vampire kneeled down upon the bed and opened his mouth to reveal white sharp fangs that glittered against the moon light from the open window. His fangs drew closer towards the neck of the lady. And just before he went in for the bite, the young lady woke up. First one eye opened and then the other. He retreated back and closed his mouth, but he did not run he just stood there and grinned. She lay transfixed, gazing at the terrifying presence before her. The tall, broad figure was wrapped in a flowing black cloak, only his head was visible. Long curls of black hair fell around a white face, the pale translucent skin in sharp contrast to the sensuous red lips. Cold black eyes completed the demonic portrait. The being was terrifying, and alluring. 'Who are you?' Stuttered the young lady. ...read more.


Oh please god, I plead to you God. Save my only daughter!', he cried His prayers were answered. His daughter woke up from her slumber. Her elegant blue eyes opened and she looked up at her crying father. Her father smiled as tears ran down his beard. Oh, father, what has happened to me? I feel ill. Inquired the young daughter who had lost all memory of what had happened. Nothing my daughter, nothing, you are fine. Answered the father. He knew he was hiding the truth from his daughter but he thought it was the best thing to do. He kept hugging his daughter and vowed to his own soul to protect her, so that nothing like this shall ever happen again. The sunrise came and abolished the black sky so that it could reign once again and enlighten the whole land. Its golden rays of sunlight creped towards the bed from the open window. They crawled across the rug and slithered up the back of the father. And when they reached the neck of the young lady, they halted to reveal two black holes and then they carried on..... ...read more.

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