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The Vatican following the law?

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The fact that the Vatican must put a rule in place saying that Clergy of the Catholic Church must follow the laws everybody else follows shows just how bad this situation is. In today's modern society the Church is not as dominant a force as it once was, however it is obvious it is still, or believes it is still, in 'power'. The Church does not invoke a zero tolerance rule against child molestation, which is frankly ridiculous. According to the John Jay Report roughly six thousand gym teachers and junior team coaches were convicted of sexual abuse of minors in the same time period as many of the allegations against the Catholic Church. As this may be true, it still does not make the abuse in the church disappear. Child abuse is child abuse. Also, one child molester does not necessarily affect one child, as is seen by Rev. ...read more.


The bible does say an eye for an eye, and though two wrongs do not make a right, Murphy deserved to be left without any dignity what so ever. Simply because a person is elderly, does not mean that the crimes they have committed during their lives are forgiven. If Adolf Hitler would be alive today and in his late eighties, the world would not let him 'live out the time he had left in dignity'. A crime is a crime. I place no criticism on the current Pope for his decision, simply on the Catholic Church itself. Reverend Murphy's fate did not belong to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger; it belonged to the justice system of his nation. Murphy's nation, the United States of America, has a Declaration of Independence that declares "... all men are created equal..." If this declaration is to be upheld, Murphy should be treated like a gym teacher suspected of child abuse would be. ...read more.


Apparently Joseph L. Druce thought the same. Druce, who was serving a life term at the time, murdered Geoghan, 68, in prison in 2004. Although the Church now does have a guideline stating that all bishops are to report crimes, this is not enough. Victims say this is insufficient- and it is. This states that all crimes must be reported, but says nothing about allegations. The Church needs to have zero tolerance policies in place, not simply guidelines. We must learn from the past, and be sure that it never repeats itself. Hundreds of children should not need to be victims of a terrible crime for the world to notice. As soon as one child is victimized, the person responsible should be not only disciplined if he or she is a person of great influence in a community or religious institution, but also bear the consequences from the legal system. There is no excuse to take a childhood away- a gym teacher, a parent, a priest- all men are created equal. All children deserve a childhood. ?? ?? ...read more.

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