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The veil- for or against? This essay will be centered on the issue of Muslim veils. The Koran, Islam's holy book tells Muslims to dress modestly.

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This essay will be centered on the issue of Muslim veils. The Koran, Islam's holy book tells Muslims to dress modestly. Male modesty has been interpreted to be covering the area from the navel to the knee - and for women it is generally seen as covering everything except for their face, hands and feet when in the presence of men they are not related or married to. However, there has been much debate among Islamic scholars as to whether this goes far enough. This has led to a distinction between the hijab (literally "covering up" in Arabic) and the niqab (meaning "full veil"). Hijab is a common sight among Muslim women, a scarf that covers their hair and neck. Niqab consists of covering up completely, including gloves and a veil for the face - leaving a slit for the eyes, or covering them too with transparent material. Tell the faithful women to lower their gaze and guard their private parts and not display their beauty except what is apparent of it, and to extend their scarf to cover their bosom Koran, 24:31 (English translation) ...read more.


A Muslim community is now finding itself facing a barrage of criticism'. This tells me that what Jack Straw said, being published in only a local, not even regional newspaper, he has built a kind of wall and religious intolerance to the Muslim community. Also, because of his comments, the Muslim community has come under a negative spotlight, especially in the media. This makes me feel disgusted at what one man can do to trigger negative attacks at a community. In one part of this article, she talks about how some commentators have come up with prejudiced objections to the veil, by saying that commentators say that; "overbearing fathers and brothers force women to wear it." She writes; 'Nonsense.' This shows me, that the commentators are just making it up, and it's actually untrue. Another technique that Rajnaara Akhtar uses is by asking rhetorical questions, for example, 'others say that the veil is somehow a rejection of Western society. But isn't the liberty to choose how to practise a faith based on one's own understanding of it part and parcel of British life? ...read more.


Also, throughout history the veil has been worn, and it's been happening for generations and handed down, so there should not be a problem now.. But obviously, if security is at stake, such as at an airport, then the veil should be removed. I also think that for legal and moral reasons the veil should be removed in other cases a as well, for example, for a driver's license, passport photograph, and oyster card. They are human beings following their religion, they are respecting God. Jack Straw is just a man, like all of us, so I don't think he can argue with that. But, everyone has the right to express their opinions; however, nobody has a right over anybody else. This issue could have a variety of consequences in the future, some negative, for example causing uproar, in Britain, between Muslims and other people. Some racist groups might take this as an advantage, and harass some members of the Muslim community. This could possibly increase the crime rate in Britain. But there could also be some positive consequences, for example, the issue, of veils, could narrow or reduce, the conflictions between Muslims and non-Muslims. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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