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The Victim

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Chirag Patel The Victim It was the first day of term, Wesley entered school feeling nervous. All around him there were cheerful boys and girls in their blue and black uniforms. Although he knew who they were, they acted like he had never existed. Wesley felt as if it was going to be a repeat of last year. As Wesley glanced at the other students he saw the huge solid figure known as the Big Bad Bully: Roy, the boy who bullied Wesley frequently throughout the whole of last year. Shivering with fear, Wesley hid behind a bicycle shed. He planned to stay there until Roy had gone inside the school building. Five minutes later, Wesley realized everyone had gone into class. Worried about being late, Wesley moved cautiously around the side of the bike shed, He saw an empty quiet playground and breathed a sigh of relief. ...read more.


Then he yawned and felt a sharp pain on his chest where Roy had hit him yesterday. All the fear of Roy's bullying had come flooding back to him. Wesley felt like a complete idiot for believing that Roy had forgotten about him. But now he knew that he was going to experience the worst part ever of Roy's bullying. As the morning progressed, Wesley could not get his mind off Roy's demand. The teachers got very impatient with Wesley's lack of concentration. Sitting alone on a bench at lunchtime, Wesley felt like he could see nothing or hear nothing. Suddenly, something broke his daydreaming. Looking at him was the enormous bulk of Roy, his heart sank. Immediately Wesley tensed up, ready to receive a few blows. He felt slightly relieved that Roy kept his hands in his pockets. Leaning down, Roy said in a threatening voice directly to Wesley, "Don't forget, you're doing it tonight"! ...read more.


He would deal with Roy when the time came. Wesley went home and sneaked in quietly without disturbing his parents. Straight away he hid the matches and petrol under his bed feeling pleased, having the best nights sleep in ages. The next day Wesley was waiting for Roy. As expected Roy came charging like a bull towards him looking furious. Wesley quickly ran into the caretaker's shed, which was close behind him. With a roar of anger Roy followed him. As Roy blundered into the shed, Wesley crept out of it through a small window. Rushing around he slammed the door and pad-locked it. A shocked Roy discovered that he was too big to climb out of the window. He yelled at Wesley to let him out! "No chance", said Wesley. "Now it's your turn to feel fear". Suddenly, Roy noticed the strong smell of petrol all around him. He began to beat the door with his fist. Outside the shed stood Wesley smiling as he lit a match. He tossed it in through the window and walked away without even looking back. ...read more.

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