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The voice within

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The voice within Jodie sits on her bed, her back resting against the dull grey wall of her bedroom, staring out across the room at the imaginary dot on the back of the cupboard door. She always sits still now; she knows that escape from David is impossible. She doesn't quite know where he came from, but is sure that he has been there for a long time hovering in the back of her mind, making his presense known from time to time. Ever since Jodie was a child, there had been something odd about her. She would occasionally be caught talking to herself in the playground, or violently shaking her head from side to side as if trying to block something out. Teachers were slightly worried about her strange behaviour, but put it down to her age. After all, what child doesn't have an imaginary friend? She wasn't someone who confronted her problems, had no real friends, and had always been the timid, silent type. As time passed, Jodie had subconsciously been creating David, her hyper-aggressive alter ego. Consumed with all the pent up rage and hatred Jodie had buried for so long. He sort revenge. David's voice had become stronger and more demanding over the years, but had always disappeared after making him-self known. Two weeks ago Jodie awoke in a cold sweat, shudders wracking her body as the sound of David murmuring within her head continuously droned on for the first time in her life. ...read more.


She manages to ignore him, and only mumbles a quiet "Sorry." As she steps aside for him, her seat comes into view. A loud "CLATTER" sounds throughout the hall, and everyone turns towards Jodie's tray, now spread out across the floor. They look at Jodie and follow her gaze, which lands on a small boy called Jake, only about twelve, who had just arrived to Lakeside early this morning. He was sitting by the grand piano in the furthest right-hand corner of the hall. Mumbles fill the room, as the boy sat oblivious, too busy eating his lunch on the small table. Jodie stands frozen, staring at him, and David once again comes into play. "Well well well, look what we have here Jo. You know what you have to do. Can't have him sitting there." David taunts. "He shouldn't be there should he; we need to teach him a lesson. Let me take care of him. We need to stop him. Let me out. Do it Jo." David continues to push her towards breaking point, until finally she snaps. Jodie lets down her guard as she considers what David had said, he takes the opportunity, and Jodie feels herself losing grip as David takes control of her body. She stares helplessly out of her own eyes, locked at the back of her mind, unable to move or speak, and is forced to watch David as he prowls over to where the boy is eating. ...read more.


Jo As she gently closes her diary and lays it on her desk, she lets a single tear spill over her cheek, and silently drop to the leather case of her diary. She takes one last glance around her room before opening her door, and tiptoeing down the hall towards the staircase. As she reaches the first step, she closes her eyes, and remembers back to the photo above the grand piano, standing proud in the furthest right-hand corner of the hall. She memorizes every detail she can, and freezes that one memory of the two lovers. Keeping her eyes shut, there is a whisper of a smile before she leans forward, and falls. As the sound of her tumbling down the stairs reaches the ears of everyone else, Jodie has already fallen to the foot of the spiral staircase, and lays silently, eyes still closed, with a small smile upon her lips. Her heart slowly stills, and the crowd who had gathered looks on as Jodie finally stops running. When Jodie opens her eyes she is in shadow, but there is moonlight above her. She is in the embrace of another, standing on an open little hill that overlooks a small lake. She leans her head on the shoulder of her lover, still holding her smile, and feels no unhappiness, just peace. She surveys the surrounding over her lovers shoulder, and slowly raises her head............... Only to look straight into the face of David, cruelly smiling down at her. "Thank you Jo" By Emma Raynsford 10D ...read more.

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