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The Wait.

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The Wait Tuesday 11th September 2001 "Did you get the present for Joseph" murmured Steven. "Yes just like you said, an X box with 2 controllers and Splinter cell and Fifa 2003." Steven was my boss; he employed me to be his P.A. He was obese. He had chubby cheeks which were permanently rosy. His teeth were depleted, his body moved in blubber as he walked. He ate too much. "Sir could you walk this way, a woman called as she directed us to the Hanger where the Aeroplane was stored. Steven was very critical about what he travelled in. He made sure he had his own Jet, he didn't like talking to all the other business men, apparently he found them boring. ...read more.


2hrs Later 7:14am We walked off the plane, where a Limousine was waiting by the Jet, we clambered in and the Chauffer drove off. We were held up at the gates because the guard thought that the car was suspicious, the chauffer shoved $100 into his hand, the guard reluctantly waved us through. "Shit, where the hell is the telephone, I thought I told you to put it by the door" yelled Steven. The Chauffer casually pulled the window down and said "You know it takes time to get these things done." "Watch the road not me" Steven gritted. I stared out at the hundreds of Yellow cabs that surrounded us. ...read more.


Steven didn't like this; he is used to being served or things done for him. If he wanted something done, he wanted it done straight away. "How long is Mr O'Connor going to take" Steven hissed. "Well you heard the woman, he doesn't come in till 8:30" I said calmly. "God forbid he'd come in on time for work for once, when we actually need to talk to him, urgently." Snapped Steven. "Give him a chance" I said. "I've given him, what 15mins now!" The lift chimed, a few people brisk fully walked out, and they were closely followed by Jack. His appearance was very shabby, his suit was creased and his shirt was stained with grease. His hair was full of sweat and there seemed to be no importance in his figure. ...read more.

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