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The wall crawled up over the hill gripping the slope as it climbed higher.

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The Wall The wall crawled up over the hill gripping the slope as it climbed higher. The diamond tipped grass blades beneath it glistened in the blazing sun. It was ragged and had acquired an aged yellow where the sandstone had crumbled. Dull green algae grew from inside the cracks of the fractured bricks. Dust and rubble lay on the defeated path beside it; battle scars embedded in its appearance from early times. Beyond the wall and before it, you could see masses of untouched scenery. After I'd finished gazing at the wall and its astonishing surroundings, I set off up the first hill. I barely made it up the steep ridge the wall effortlessly progressing ahead. At the peak of the first hill, I could see the wall begin to rush out of sight. It seemed to fall down the deep drops bouncing back up the following curves. This motion continued for as far as I could see, shielding my view from the contents of the dips. ...read more.


I traveled on, wrestling with the rigorous terrain. On the crown of the third hill, again I could see the wall plunge into the verge ahead. Following, I descended down the slope, My legs started to buckle and twist as I edged down over some rocks that out grew the path. As I had guessed at every interval in the hills something inhabited its innards. This one had the remains of a watchtower, beneficial in times of old. Before I had the chance to account for this scene, my anticipation to explore the next chapter drew me along the path. On the fourth hill the wall took a slight turn to the left as it lessened into the verge, giving me the impression it was dodging something below in the dip. I increased my pace tripping over stones along the awkward path. As I got to the end the wall blocked my view into the dip as it fell. ...read more.


This brief encounter with a hidden obstacle did not dishearten the wall, which carried on up the following slope, leaving me behind. Only a small coupling of trees in the distance could be seen making this encounter even more breathtaking. I would never forget this magnificent highlight, like so many I passed on my journey. I left the sycamore behind as I reached the final peak. The end of my adventure was in site, only one more slope to pass along. At my stop I could still make out the wall rush ahead on its seemingly endless path. The wall has slowly decayed over time, but the scenic surroundings seem to hide the deadened patches. The cruel intentions of its founders have gradually fizzled out over time and now the astonishing structure can be admired by all. This forgery of stone can be easily considered one of the great marvels of the world. As it carried on I knew I would forever wonder what else would lie along the path of the ROMAN WALL! Tom Johnston, Form 10DF ...read more.

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