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The War Of The Worlds

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The War Of The Worlds This discussion will aim to explain what techniques H.G Well's uses, which makes 'War Of The Worlds' a gripping and successful story. In This novel is basically about one mans account of Martians invasion and war on earth; throughout this play reality and fantasy bonded together to form the novel 'The War Of The Worlds'. This novel was written at the turn of the century in 1998. There was a couple of events that inspired wells to write this story on of which was that in 1894 mars was positioned particularly closely to earth, leading to great deal of observation and discussion. Another event would be also in 1894 when an observer M. Javelle of Nice, claimed to have seen a strange light on mars, which further stimulated speculations about life upon the red planet. There are two part of this book, book one is about the 'coming of the Martians' and the second one is about 'earth under Martians' The reason why this novel in particular is gripping and successful is that H.G Wells has many techniques in which he makes the reader feel involved within the novel and feel as if they are really there and part of the story, not just reading it. ...read more.


This tells the reader about how the narrator likes to describes things and how his mind is working. You would have noticed now that the narrator is recalling this from the past tense, which tells us that he has survived the trauma of the attack of the Martians. The first build up of suspense that we come across in this novel is when the narrator is coming home with his wife and he talks to us about all the normal things that were going on such as the sound of the rail way track the brightness of the traffic lights and the lights in peoples houses turning off to go to sleep. "There were lights in the upper windows of the houses as the people went to bed, from the railway station in the distance came the sound shunting trains, ringing and rumbling, softened almost into melody by the distance. My wife pointed out to the brightness of the red, green and yellow signal lights, hanging in a framework against the sky. It seemed so safe and tranquil." It was these last six words that gets the readers mind into gear and gets them thinking about what happens next and also makes them curious and they don't know what to expect. ...read more.


H.G Wells decided to make the narrator middle class as he too is middle class and so that would mean he could get across what he thought easily and clearly this will also mean that he can relate events to the readers experience which is a technique that makes the book gripping and very successful. I have finally come to a conclusion to which I came across by evaluating the techniques used by H.G Wells. H.G Wells has included science fact and science fiction, in depth description, suspense and related events to reader's experiences which makes this a successful and gripping book to read that once you pick it up you cant put it down. The description used in here is intense and realistic. Because of the scientific details use some of which were fiction and some, which were non-fiction that is what put the whole novel together, bringing readers closer to the story and feeling involved. At the end of the book I was pleased that I had picked it up and would advise it to anybody it was an absolutely interesting read and to conclude I think that 'War Of The Worlds' is a gripping and successful story. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ali Khan Page 1 5/9/2007 C:\Documents and Settings\Zareen Arshad\My Documents\rutlish school\yr10ICT\English coursework\The War Of The Worlds.doc ...read more.

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