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The Wasp Factory - Iain Banks

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The Wasp Factory - Iain Banks How does the author construct a voice for Frank here and elsewhere in the novel? In your answer you should consider: * The ways in which the writers attitudes and values are conveyed to the reader * Features of language such as lexical, grammatical and phonological aspects * The context of the extract and the whole novel. The author creates a voice for Frank by getting into the character he becomes Frank and therefore develops the characters weird and wonderful ways. ...read more.


I painted the head of the dog' He brings in points and changes from present to past frequently throughout the passage and the novel. He uses personal pro-nouns such as I and We all the way through the book to make you constantly aware of the characters narrative voice. It's written in first person narration, which automatically creates a relationship between the narrator and the audience because it involves the narrator's feelings and thoughts. Banks uses the first person narrative cleverly by writing a long paragraph describing something without using the words I or We then he will add them at the end when starting or ending a sentence. ...read more.


I sorted the orange nylon' I think that Banks is presented as a very dark writer whom cleverly constructs his characters in a way that doesn't give the story away he builds up the suspense without over emphasising points and keeps the text easy to understand. He doesn't use a complex style of writing and keeps the tone relatively informal. This is another way that he involves the reader. He doesn't confuse them he involves them, he keeps the tone lively and informal, which directs what he is saying at the individual reader. It personalises it. He directs his purpose, which is to entertain the reader, and completes it well. ...read more.

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