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The waters

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The waters One tragic day a doomed young couple went down to a lake on a date. It was a day like no other. The clouds and sun merged and became a swirling blue and purple mixture of strange unknown gases, some considered it beautiful: others? Deadly. Betty Mills of Virginia Way drew her fuchsia coloured curtains and placed herself condemningly in front of her mirror. "My bum looks big and my hips are too wide!" She thought, pinching her rolls of fat. She grimaced, sprayed herself with her favourite perfume, "Baby doll" and closed her bedroom door. "Good luck" she murmured as she walked down the stairs. Little did she know that no few words could save her now. John Ford from Sutton Courtney cranked up the volume on his heavy-beating gramophone and put on his shades. "I am so cool" he thought to himself, I'm the top dog" he boogied as he stepped to view himself in his mirror, "Daddy cool, I rock!" ...read more.


"Oh yes please!" Betty was extremely dippy. When the brains had been handed out she had obviously been the last one and therefore had to get the leftovers. John hoisted her up into his strong, gymnastic arms and tramped through the boggy mud. He lowered her to the ground when they had reached the edge of the water. "Thank you. How do you do it?" Sighed the girl. John ignored this question and untied an unsafe looking rowing boat. It was made of wood and had nails jutting out of it. "Ooooh, how romantic! A boat ride, and look at the sky isn't it beautiful? Baby John, you romantic you!" John held the boat and spoke clearly for the first time this evening, "Betty climb in." Betty uttered some things about a movie she watched with a love boat then noticed John wasn't listening so she stopped. John stepped in the boat, coolly picked up the oar from the ground and began to row them out into the middle of the lake. ...read more.


No one ever knew about the tragic tale of John and Betty. The crows wiped it from human minds with their brainwashing "Caw" sounds. But there was one man that remembered... maybe because he wasn't really human or maybe because he clawed his way up to the top deceitfully and therefore could be classed as a devil. Peter Clark remembered every tiniest detail. But for his knowledge he was condemned here, in a home, to sit on his chair and to rock back and forth with his misery. I, Francis Green have been where no one else has ever been before; I have interviewed a person who is classed as the world's most insane man. Tonight I have brought justice to a small minority. So before you go out I have just a few more things to say. When you leave your safe environment check the sky to see that it is not a spiralling vortex leading to the land of the crows and remember one more thing "No one is safe from the world of the crows! Never! Ever! Mwa haw haw haw haw haw haw caw!" Beth Ridley ...read more.

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