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THE WAY HENRY IS PRESENTED AS KING AND LEADER Shakespeare presents Henry in a very good light, almost saying he has no faults. He is not easily fooled, and is very good in battle. All his citizens love him, and he believes God is on his side. Henry has many important events which he faces as e is king, plots for his life, criticism from the people, battles to which the population disagree, killing of his friend and victories. Henry seems to respond in nearly always the same sort of manner, not really getting angry. He foils the plot by the traitors in a clever manner, playing with them when they know that he knows what they really are and who their loyalty is to. Henry is constantly in command of the situation as he plays with them when he has handed them the scrolls saying What read you there, That have so cowarded and chased your blood Out of appearance?' He knows what they have seen but it shows that he able to have a bit of fun yet still be in full command. It also goes onto say when they have fallen to their knees and begged for forgiveness 'The mercy was quick in us but late' 'arrest them to answer to the law'. ...read more.


Alexander the great 'Fathers like so many Alexanders' this is again a motivating line, as they are personally being 'made part of' Alexander the greats army, the best army has ever been. Henry is very good at making his speech personal to the individual and not as a whole group. He recognizes that many of them are wishing they were at peace when he says, "In peace there's nothing so becomes a man' and 'you good yeoman' the 'you' picking out each individually. In his st Crispin's day speech Henry again uses his powers of persuasiveness and confidence. When he says that any men who fought on st Crispin's day will be remembered saying 'Then hall our names, Familiar in his mouth as household words,' This motivates the people again by saying they will be remembered for their heroic and brave acts. Again as in the Harfleur speech he draws the people in to his by making it more personal 'We few, we happy few, we band of Brothers - For he today that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother;' These three lines alone are packed with persuasive language. ...read more.


He says 'I know no ways to mince I in love, but directly to say "I love you"' showing that he is not skilled in enticing people and putting o a show so this must be heart felt. He, the king humbles himself before her 'take me a simple soldier' There aren't many examples of when Henry gives us his private feelings as he is constantly around other people. However just before the battle he says a prayer in which he tells god of all his fears and the burden of kingship. He prays hat he will win the war so that it was justified and not fruitless or in vain. Also if he was to win then he people at home would like him, as all they remember are his drunken days. 'As, if God please, they shall - my ransom then Will soon be levied' When he is talking to Katherine it is not his true feelings as has to do it as part of the peace process. To conclude Shakespeare presents Henry in a good way always because at the time when writing against rulers was punishable by death. Also the people wanted to know that Henry was a good king so more tickets would sell. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tim Oliver ...read more.

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