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The way the mind works.

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The way the mind works. By Laurence kimmins This story starts on a sunny Saturday in a little cul-de-sac named 'forgotten close'. Every morning the first thing Robert does is look out of the window "another normal day" were his first words, how wrong he was. As it was a weekend, Robert stayed in bed for a while, and almost dozed off, suddenly, he was woken up by his pet rat, grim squeaker, running franticly around in his cage. This was strange as the little black and white rat, was never seen running around, in fact he was hardly ever awake, unless he was hungry or was woken up to get his bedding changed of course, but none of this was happening. As he was now wide awake, Robert thought he ought to get dressed and go downstairs, which he did. Downstairs, Roberts mum and seven younger sisters had already started eating their breakfast, infact they were already on their second helping and running out of cereal. "You know what happens when you lay in on the weekend, don't you." ...read more.


asked Danny. "Hang on a second," Robert cleared his thought, "can I play football with Danny Mum?"Called Robert. "What ever." replied Robert's mum, still in the middle of the argument? As that was the answer, Robert put his shoes on and stepped outside, closing the door behind him. Outside, you could still hear the arguing, though now muffled. Hiding behind the wall were some more of Robert's friends; David, Josh and Daniel. "Headers and volies, as usual, with Danny in goal." ordered David. You could say that Danny was not the best of people in goal, and he knew it, but he still went in goal as it was his turn on the router. Unusually Josh started, he chipped the ball over David's head Robert volied the ball, just missing Daniel, Danny stuck his foot out for the ball, but missed and the ball went in the goal. No one was happy because the ball bounced into the back garden of one of the houses. This wasn't the kind of house that you could knock and get your ball back. ...read more.


Robert stood in front of the front door thinking of what would happen and how to get away after he knocks. He told himself that none of those things were real, then he knocked. An old lady answered the door. "Hello sonny, is this yours?" the old lady asked. Robert was scared, because he hadn't thought of this or any-thing like this, and hadn't prepared an escape route, so he snatched the ball of the old woman, ran out of the gate, threw the ball back to Danny and ran home like frightened dog. Robert stayed in his room for the rest of the day, too scared to come leave the safety of his room, because if he came out, he thought a monster acting like an old lady would catch him. The next morning, Robert woke up and saw every-thing as a monster and was only put up with for a day, because he was taken to a mental hospital the next day, and is still in there to this day. That is the story of the last time my dad played football with his best mate. 1 ...read more.

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