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The Way Through The Woods

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The Way Through The Woods Hi the name is Henry George Jr. The tale that I am about to tell is what happened to me on the night of Halloween 2003 on my journey home from work. Like always I would finish work at six thirty on a Friday night, but this Friday I decided to do some over time. I didn't really need the money because my father was well off, but I liked to keep on top of the paper work. I eventually finished work at about eleven o'clock and then set off home. I was really exhausted, so I was determined to arrive home quickly. There was no moon, just a solid slab of grey fog that stretched as far as I could see, so it was extremely difficult to see where I was walking. Luckily, there was a street lamp up ahead that gave the slightest bit of light. I saw a path that could barely be seen leading into an endless fog, and very stupidly I took it thinking it may be a shortcut. ...read more.


She was standing there staring into the great depths of the fog as if there was something to be seen. I whispered trying not to frighten her. "What are you looking at?" She raised her left hand and pointed, in that instance a black horse came cantering furiously out from beyond the fog dragging a horse drawn carriage. All of sudden there was a loud bang and the horse was shot dead. The carriage toppled over and over again, it must of rolled over about four times causing each one of the wheels to break off their axes. Eventually the carriage hit the floor with a thud. The door flung open at once and a lady climbed out. She was roughly about forty years old, she wore a long dress that was yellow but now was covered in blood, she wore what seemed to me as diamonds around her neck, she had bright blue eyes and blonde hair that was tied up in a bun, she looked just like the young woman who was standing beside me. ...read more.


The man who killed them was my evil greedy brother Henry George all he ever wanted was to be in control, that is the reason for the death of my beloved parents". That moment she finished everything vanished leaving me alone in the thick fog again. It kept going over and over in my head that my father was a murderer, he murdered my grand parents for their money and possessions, I was the son of a murderer! I wasn't concentrating where I was walking and I tripped on a crooked root that was sticking up, I fell and bumped my head on rock. I awoke minutes later but I was not in the wood but in my bedroom at home and my head was seriously aching, "It must have been a dream", I thought. I went downstairs to get some medicine for my headache. Seen as though my head was throbbing so much I knew that I could not fall asleep again so I decided to sit and watch the television. As soon as I flicked the television on a picture was revealed of a man who was wanted for the murder of his parents, the man was my FATHER! Harjeet.Singh.Bains ...read more.

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