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The Wedding Dress.

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Izzy angrily strutted down the steps in front of college, her sketchbook clasped to her chest acting like a barrier to the rest of the world. "Stupid, freaking assignment" she muttered and shook her dreadlocks in disbelief. The metal segs in her doc martins made a satisfying sound as she stomped onto the pavement and headed back to her flat. The wind was strong against her small frame and blew her baggy, ripped jeans about her legs. The struggle against the elements served to fuel her bad temper further but she determinedly carried on home. She arrived at her scratched, worn front door adorned with graffiti etched into its flaking paint. She fumbled with the key in the lock and finally after much pushing and pulling against the reluctant mechanism the door opened and a rush of warm air enveloped her body. She soothed slightly as she entered her familiar room. "Hi Boz, Hi Fizz" she said as she approached the large cage in the corner. Two faces looked through the bars in eager anticipation, pink noses twitching and poked as far through the bars as painlessly possible. She opened the trapdoor and her two pet rats, one black, one white immediately ran up her arm and nestled in the nape of her neck and hid themselves amongst her hair. Boz busied himself with inspecting her skull-shaped earrings, while Fizz washed her face and sneezed in the exaggerated was only as disgruntled rat can. "I know, I know," said Izzy; her voice was calmer now her room has performed its usual magic. ...read more.


She hadn't realised how much she had wanted that dress until she had left the building. And with that she took the dress off the man and started to climb into the cab. With a surprised look in her direction, Danni signalled to the man that she thought her friend had lost it the man nodded in agreement and smiled wryly. Once they were installed in the cab, the chest safely in the boot Danni turned to Izzy and asked "Why did you take that dress, you're not going to wear it are you?" "I liked it" "You're odd Iz" "So?" "But we didn't need it" "Maybe I did" "But you didn't" "How do you know?" "Well, I, umm, did you?" "Yes" "What for?" "A textiles project, Restore or customize an item of clothing" "Cool! So that's why you took it" "Gosh your quick" The girls laughed and in no time at all the taxi had battled through the London traffic and they were at Danni's flat. They climbed out and Danni said, "If you don't mind, can I take a rain check on dinner tonight, I'll be exhausted once I've dragged this thing up the stairs" nodding her head towards the chest on the pavement. "And then I have to start my sketches". "No problem, see you tomorrow then?" "Sure, 9 o'clock outside the library?" "You bet! Bye! "See ya!" Izzy put her hand in her pocket to find some cash to pay for the taxi, then decided that she might as well take it all the way to her flat. ...read more.


It was unimaginable. "Well, I suppose if there is no way out of it you must marry him. Maybe it will be ok. You said he is good looking. Maybe it will all turn out ok" "I suppose I must be optimistic. I have no other choice." "I have just had the best idea, but...I don't know if it will work, it might just, Bella, do you have a brother?" "Yes, he is 23, he has got married already and lives in Norwich, he will be Earl of Norfolk when the current Earl dies." "Just as I thought. Bella, just recently I did a lot of research into my family history and my great great great great uncle was the earl of Norfolk. He was called Philip Pattern. Is that your brother?" "Yes! How did you know?" "I like history, and researching! So this means you are my great great great great auntie! I have an idea, what I am going to do is research into your life; I will look into all the books and see if you had a happy marriage! Then you will know!" "That's a great idea, so if we were happy then I will be ok and if we were not then we can work out a plan for me to escape!" "That's right, so you meet me back here tomorrow at 5 o'clock and I will tell you what I find out" "Ok, and thanks Izzy, I really appreciate this." "No problem, any time! See you tomorrow?" "Tomorrow" Bella confirmed, and she walked away from the mirror. Izzy sat down on her bed, trying hard to take in what had just happened. Then, still in the white dress, she lay back and fell asleep. The next morning Izzy was up earlier ...read more.

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