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"The Whole Poem is just a Metaphor for the Imaginative Process." What is Your Response to this Quote?

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"The Whole Poem is just a Metaphor for the Imaginative Process." What is Your Response to this Quote? Dreaming is the ultimate act of imagination. In dreams our imagination is allowed to run wild and can create images and ideas that we may not be able to comprehend in real life. Coleridge composed this poem after awakening from a dream and this may be the thought behind this quote. I feel this quote is very true; the poem is full of very outrageous images and ideas. Coleridge was an outrageous man and wrote this poem after a drug induced sleep. He lived in a world where people could not escape very easily. They couldn't take off on a plane and leave their world behind them, they would not travel much and only the rich would travel abroad. ...read more.


Between the lines there are a few things going on that are underlying the main or most obvious view of the poem. Throughout the poem there are many sexually charged and erotic lines. "that deep romantic chasm that slanted," "women wailing for her demon lover," "A mighty fountain momently was forced: Amid whose swift half-intermitted burst" and "It flung up momently the sacred river." These quotes seem to symbolise the act of sex. Throughout he talks of pleasure domes an area that he can control and he can make love and enjoy his surrounding. Though underlying the physical act of love is the ultimate act of creativity through making life and bringing a person into the world. "And 'mid these dancing rocks at once and ever It flung up momently the sacred river." ...read more.


The opium can give this zenith, but you will constantly need this to get the slightest buzz as the rest of normal life will seem so mind-numbingly monotonous. Coleridge might be warning us that being addicted to drugs is not the high it could appear to be. The view that this poem is just a metaphor for the imaginative process is a true one, but we can challenge this by saying that it is not simply this, and that Coleridge has entwined many other messages within the poem. The poems actual goal and meaning could be debated about for a long time and I feel whatever understanding of the poem you have and you believe to be true, is true, there is no right or wrong answer to the meaning of this poem and Coleridge himself may not even be able to decipher the true answer to many aspects of the poem 'Kubla Khan.' Stephen Kyle 733 ...read more.

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