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The Whole Town's Sleeping, Lavinia Nebbs

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Lavinias perspective. She put her hand out to the light switch and stopped. 'What?' she asked. 'What? What?' Behind her, in the black living room, someone cleared his throat. 'Hello?' she asked anxiously. Still, no answer. She stared apprehensively around the pitch dark room, curiously, as to what the source of this mysterious sound was. It suddenly became all too familiar with her. Oh my God, she thought, the Lonely One? As she examined the kitchen with her eyes, wide as the ravine which lay outside her house, she began to think irrational thoughts. Thoughts which could only lead her to worse ones. She stood still as her eyes continued to scan the room, not moving a single inch from where she was. There was a piercing silence which filled the air. You could hear a pin drop. 'Officer Kennedy?' she tried to reassure herself that someone she could trust was in her house. She began to tremble as she reluctantly took her first few steps towards the centre darkness of the kitchen, like a baby learning how to walk. She could smell the soup she'd made earlier on that day. How she longed to go back just a few hours. She continuously looked around hoping she would find nothing. ...read more.


She finally got a decent view and recognised the words engraved in it. "Detective Sergeant Officer Kennedy". His badge. Lavinia looked back down to the blood she appeared to be drowning in. Her life slowly and painfully ending. Her eyes continued flickering and flickering. Eventually, they closed slowly. Silently. In the whole town of Illinois, not a sound could be heard. There she lay, Lavinia Nebbs. "The prettiest maiden lady in town." Lonely One perspective There she was, Lavinia Nebbs, the prettiest maiden lady in town. Better than the rest. They were nothing compared to Lavinia. As usual, Lavinia's undeniable beauty flourished before me. How was it that she was unmarried? Why, any one would expect her to have been whisked up the minute she was set eyes on. If only I could be that person. I stared at her through the dark kitchen, mysteriously gazing at this beautiful woman. If only I could have her, if only. Her stunning chocolate brunette hair flowed over her shoulders, so smooth. Her peach soft skin glistened in the crystalline moonlight which shone through the window. Her long elegant green garnet dress swayed on her long slim legs. I could smell her cologne from where I was standing, in the dark where she couldn't see me. ...read more.


Her blood began pouring everywhere, onto her green satin dress and brown tiled floor. . She looked at me with her eyes as big as the Red Sea, hopelessly, and lying in a puddle of death. I didn't care though. She was just another one from my list. Police report Illinois Incident - Reading Police and ambulance were called to a scene after reports that a male had been stabbed to death. At approximately 10:25pm, on 25th June, a neighbour was reported to have found Tom Dillon lying in a pool of blood in the home of unidentified persons, following an immediate call to 999. Police and paramedics attended the scene, and reported several stab wounds to the victim's abdomen. The young man was white, 20 years of age, 5ft 9ins with short to mid-length brown hair. He was wearing casual jeans and a dark red t-shirt, when officers saw him. Police officers have treated this case as murder, and are currently carrying reports into Tom Dillon's death. Dillon's murderer is believed to be a female, ranging in her thirties, likely to be the owner of the house Tom Dillon was found in. Police urge witnesses to come forward and make a statement about anything they may have seen on the night in question. Anyone who wishes to come forward is advised to call the 999 emergency service line. ...read more.

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