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The Winter's Tale

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Andrea Sanchez Ms. Fazel English 7-8 AP 1 May 2002 The Winter's Tale Many of Shakespeare's plays are ones which begin happy in love and end in tragedy, thus the case in The Winter's Tale. This tale includes many different elements including the common love, tragedy, and madness, themes which are also found in his previous works, The Tempest and Hamlet. In The Winter's Tale and The Tempest Shakespeare combines a mixture of comic and tragic styles, incorporating elements of both romance and realism which is very different from any of the other plays he's written before. Both The Winter's Tale and The Tempest contain a comic style, with the 'bad' characters being punished, and all conflict reaching resolution at the end. ...read more.


This shows how basically he is saying he wishes to recon ciliate, yet he is not sorry and feels it was not his fault. There is a lot tragedy in all three plays: Hamlet, The Winter's Tale, and The Tempest. In The Winter's Tale, the jealous rage of Leontes and his treatment of Hermione and Perdita, along with Hermione's crude death, are examples of tragedy. Like in the Winter's Tale, The Tempest's plot can be viewed as matching perfectly to what is known as an Elizabethan revenge tragedy, up until the point where Prospero and Miranda are banished on the sea. According to Emile Montegut, Shakespeare "turned only into a comedy a subject which could furnish the most sombre of tragedies." ...read more.


In The Tempest too we are presented with elements of romance, complete with the unrealistic location of a magical island, with characters such as the magical spirit Aerial, and unlikely events such as the survival of Prospero and Miranda in their flimsy vessel against all the odds of the "tempestuous" winds. Despite this romantic style of presentation, the overall effect of the three plays is not unrealistic. This is because Shakespeare combines a mixture of realism with the romance, so that the reader is able to believe the unbelievable. The three plays are not necessarily comic, but common to most of Shakespeare's plays, in that they all end in unmerciful tragedy. The Winter's Tale, The Tempest, and Hamlet are all romantic until the evil of death hits to punish. ...read more.

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