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The winter was reigning in full swing, freezing mercilessly everything in its way

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The winter was reigning in full swing, freezing mercilessly everything in its way. It was the dead of night. The air was very still - the wind had veered to north and stopped suddenly, bringing clear skies with the clusters of celestial bodies in the ever-expanding scenery of the universe. There were no lights on the lake; Only the wash of a pale moon outlined the ice-encrusted shore. Everything appeared to be in harmony. Then, a sound rent the air - someone was there; Someone who had come here to dominate the place rather than live by its rules. Blasts of the wind began to sweep across the lake as if it was telling the intruder to leave at once. The trespasser, a young man, skated slowly and without joy, feeling cheated and deprived of the feeling he'd been expecting. He was no more than a pair of eyes in the darkness. He was tall and lean with translucent skin over exquisite bones that gave him high cheeks and set off his enormous green eyes. His lips were ridiculously thick, bluish in a way due to exposure to the bitter cold. His hair was champagne-blond, in fact, because of gloomy surroundings, it looked more like a big snowball stuck on his head. ...read more.


Somebody so scared, she'd just laid dawn, right where she was. 'Hello?' he yelled, his voice sounding too loud, scaring him. He yelled again: 'Are you all right? Hello!' The wind blew wet and cold against his face. Snow, he thought numbly. It's snowing. 'Hello!' The girl lay silent, close to the water. Tim wasn't going out there. It was too dangerous. He would go for help, but he wasn't going out there. He turned to go and couldn't, not until he'd answered the question that kept buzzing in his head like an insect. Was the girl freezing and if he waited to go for help would it be too late? Was it a question of minutes, seconds? If he didn't go out there and if the girl died, he'd never know if it was his fault. He felt a rush of anger. It wasn't fair that he was out here alone and that he had to risk his own life and that he was so painfully cold, so cold that the pain of it was almost unbearable. Damn the girl who was putting him through this. He began to walk, feeling his way, fearing the blades of his skates. ...read more.


The girl's head had been neatly severed from her throat. It bobbed up and down in the waves, sightlessly, silently, like a ball floating in the middle of nowhere, her blonde hair wet and streaming over the water. Tim turned away, his scream, hoarse yet loud enough, rising into the night like an evil vapour, its final choked note cut off in mid-tremble by a sudden rush of frigid air. Then all was silent. Tim's heart raced in his chest walls as he moved away, tried to move away, crawling his way back to safety. Behind him the silence was broken by a harsh cracking of branches and the hasty shuffling of an eerie shadow moving through the trees like a restless spectre roaming the world aimlessly. Tim's body slackened and his pendulous legs began to give way. The silhouette of someone or something emerged suddenly from the trees. Tim turned, saw slivers of moonlight move across his face, saw the girl's face bob upright, eyes still open in a horrified gaze, saw blood frozen to her cheeks and the corners of her mouth, saw... Suddenly, everything went pitch-black. Tim reached out, fell. Saw nothing. Then, like ice suddenly placed on a burn, he felt the pain of his flesh vanish, felt himself drawn under, deeper into a dreaded void where his mind stopped, frozen in mid-thought forever. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE English Final Draft 1 Arnold Bashkevits ...read more.

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