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The Wizard of Oz was written by L. Frank Baum. In 1939, MGM Movie made Wizard of Oz Movie based on the book that Baum written, which became favorite fantasy movie at that time

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INTRODUCTION The Wizard of Oz was written by L. Frank Baum. In 1939, MGM Movie made Wizard of Oz Movie based on the book that Baum written, which became favorite fantasy movie at that time. But, there is a significant difference between the movie and the book. Wizard of Oz Movie is as same as fiction movie that shows Dorothy's journey to Oz is not real, so the adult can possibly watch the movie. In the other hand, Baum, in his book, invites children to use their imagination in order to imagine Dorothy's journey to Oz and make the children accept that Oz is a real place where they can escape from the ordinary life. The power of imagination that makes Baum believed that only children can enjoy Dorothy's journey by reading the book. The story begins in the city of Kansas where Dorothy lives with Uncle Henry, Aunt Em, and her dog Toto. Dorothy and Toto parted away from her Uncle and Aunt when the cyclone takes the whole house away to the beautiful country, which called the land of the Munchkins. ...read more.


In this book, Baum wants to show us, the readers, character development of Dorothy. At the first time, Dorothy is just an ordinary and sweet, even looks like a weak person, who lives in Kansas with her Uncle and Aunt. Her journey to Emerald City unconsciously changed her to be loyal, brave, and sturdy as a person. She is a hero for herself; she did never give up finding the way back to see Uncle Henry and Aunt Em. She even forgives the Wizard of Oz who was just an ordinary person, like herself. She is patiently waiting until somebody can help her to get back to Kansas. She can greatly control her emotion, even though she was far from her family, she didn't let herself down, but never give up. She loves her family; it shows when Oz asked her to jump up to a balloon because it was only her chance for to go home. But, she didn't do it, before she found Toto. ...read more.


There are two ways to show the characterization in the story. First is by showing, so the author merely presents the character talking and acting and leaves the reader to infer the meaning. The second is by telling, the author gives their words to explain the character. Plot In The Study of Literature by William Eller (1964) plot refers to what happens. However, plot is not simply action; plot refers to the arrangement of the events in the story - what the author tells first, second, third etc. From Kennedy's book Literature: an introduction to fiction, poetry, and drama (1983) explains that plot has the suspense - the pleasurable anxiety we feel that heightens our attention to the story, a foreshadow or indication of events to come, a crisis - a moment of high tension, a greater crisis - a turning point in the action, a climax - a moment of greatest tension which the outcome is to be decided, and the last is the conclusion also called the resolution or denouement. Objective: to find out the process of Dorothy's character development during her journey to the Emerald City. ...read more.

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