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The word failure should never be used in education. Discuss.

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The word ?failure? should never be used in education. Discuss. Given that the education system has for a long while, been governed by a system of passing and failing, it is unsurprising that the term ?failure? has been met with great controversy in recent times. However, the point of education was to prepare students for the challenges of modern day society and not to paint a rosy picture of the future challenges ahead. Hence, I feel that ?failure? should be used sparingly and sensitively such that it encourages students to strive for the better and more importantly, to not fear failure. Some feel that using the term ?failure? is much too harsh and unnecessary. Their opinions are further backed by recent psychological studies that illustrate the detrimental impacts of being labeled a failure ? the psychological and emotional scars that often result continue to mold and haunt the person well after he has left school. ...read more.


However, eradicating the use of the word ?failure? in education will not make the upcoming obstacles these students might face as they step into society any easier to overcome. Instead, it is essential that the students see past failure and instead foster a love for learning and cultivate a persistence to carry on. Many fail to see the value of doing so as they place an unhealthy amount of emphasis on success and failure. As a result, they view the results in the form of test grades and report cards as an end to a journey. There is a sense of finality. However, students need to learn to embrace failure and view education as a life-long exploration. Therefore, they should learn from the failings of the methods they employ to better prepare themselves for the harsher realities ahead. ...read more.


It is therefore best that students get well acquainted with the joys of experiencing success, which might possibly only follow after a series of failures in their schooling years. They need to learn that failure should merely be perceived as feedback and not an end to the road. This process of learning and growth better equips students for the economic activities of the idea-driven and constantly changing world today. In conclusion, the word ?failure? should not be avoided entirely as it provides a basis for institutions and employers to evaluate the students. However, it should never be used in a harsh or condemning manner. It should not come in the way of creating passion for learning in students. Neither should it dampen their hopes in achieving their dreams. If anything, it should simply spur them to overcome obstacles and work harder to attain their goals. ...read more.

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