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The worst night of my life.

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Original writing coursework The worst night of my life Danielle's party was going great, we were all having such a laugh until the clock struck 1. I had promised my parents I'd be in by 12 and everyone was too drunk to drive me home. As I closed the door behind me to the raving music, the snow started to fall. No coat, no jumper I thought I'd be ok when I left home. Then another thought hit me, what if there were no more buses to come? Uh oh, as I ran to the bus stop, worrying about how I'll ever get home, so I sprinted. When I reached the bus stop, some shelter at last, to find that I had to wait another 20 minutes. ...read more.


As I rocked forwards and backwards I dropped my bus fare, as I bent down to pick it up I noticed that the snow had stopped to reveal the bright moon reflecting in the puddle. As the branch taps the roof of the shelter, the sound of voices from down the road got louder, and then disappeared again. Tap, tap, tap, "hello" as I turned the male besides me says. I look around to find that it is my uncle stood besides me. My family fell out with him after he divorced my aunt. Uncle Stanley wasn't a big fan of me either, so I smiled and turned away. The snow was falling again and the breeze became stronger. ...read more.


As the shouting got louder, they turned the corner I hear...... "Zo�'s a minger" Oh great I knew them. "Zo�'s a dumb Mosher" "Zo�'s a sweaty Mosher" they say. "Oh leave her alone she's done nothing wrong now go away" said a manly voice from behind me. The strange voice from behind me told them other wise, as I turned to see my uncle smiling at me and I looked away to see the bus at last! As the bus got closer I sighed with relief! The bus enclosed on the stop but it hasn't slowed down. I have my hand out to wave but he is still ignoring me and driving on, as the bus neared it got faster. As the bus drove past I wondered what would happen next just me and the uncle we didn't want !!! ...read more.

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