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The Worst of times

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The Worst of times Trudging through the marshy fields of southern Germany with our Bergen's and rations, Thompson M1A1 in hand. We had a line of troops down the right hand side of the field stretching for 20 yards. Enough for anyone to see us, we were laying low and staying as quiet as we could; one wrong move and we could all be exposed. We had the spotters at the front and the two snipers directly behind them; we were on high alert. We had been travelling for nearly five hours and not met a single enemy, I wanted to rest but the others were reluctant to stop. It seemed as if we had been travelling along the same stretch of land for the whole journey, tall green bushes all alike. " Two miles and we've reached the checkpoint for today soldiers" the captain silently signalled." We rest there" I was in agony and was unsure whether or not I would be able tom last another two miles, the marshy ground and the weight on my back was wearing me away. Conditions were terrible as well, the clouds large and menacing, dark as nightfall just waiting open. We eventually reached our destination travelling though what was thought as perpetual darkness, as we entered the encampment there were three men sitting around a table discussing matters. ...read more.


So we hid under cover, slowly crawling through the foliage till we reached the west entrance. Through the binoculars three men could be seen in discussion, an additional man was ten yards to the left of him behind a tall barricade of wood and sandbags, he was behind what looked like an M60E3 emotionless, still, concentrated, waiting, waiting for us. Webster was the man for this so we radioed through to him explaining our situation, he decided to come and join us, Jones decided to stay in his current position and survey his surroundings. Webster finally arrived at our location and we told him what was happening. It took a lot of discussing but we thought it was best if Webster took the first shot at the soldier behind the barricade, then we would add support fire aiming at the three soldiers. We sat silent only the faint cries of woodland animals could be heard, the echo of distant cries travelling with the cool breeze. Then it came the sudden click of the bolt on the MK111, our sniper was about to take the shot, he had cocked the gun and was taking aim, holding still lying within the bushes, enemy unaware of his presence. ...read more.


We lowered ourselves and slowly crawled in. There was debris all over the floor and benches had been ripped from they're foundations and had been stacked on the sides. There were remnants of a fire and tin cans had been carelessly left. There was a drifting smell of smoke that choked you when you inhaled it, there was a sense of danger here, we couldn't identify it but we sensed something did not seem right. We continued our search of the building, which stretched back quite far. We were coming to a door we had missed before when we heard voices and before we could move we were surrounded. The enemy had come from an underground tunnel that was situated in the far corner of the room. We had been ambushed and captured; I had failed my country and myself, and most importantly my comrades. We were stripped of our equipment and we were left with nothing but our clothing. We were split up and we were each given to a set of armed troops. They told us that they would take us to a prisoner of war camp, and we were sent in a lorry carrying 4 other soldiers who we did not recognise. Travelling to the camp, I felt empty and confused wondering where my future would lie. My part was over in this war, I had been torn in two, left a broken man. Chris Bowles 11S English Miss Stallard ...read more.

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