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The Worst Thing of my Life.

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The Worst Thing of my Life (Essay) As we drove from the peaceful, secluded surroundings of Hertfordshire into the bustling hub of Heathrow's Terminal 4, it suddenly dawned on me how hard it would be for me to carry out this feat... It was the time I was most looking forward to. We had finally been allowed out of the school gates into our eight weeks of freedom. No work had to be handed in the next day, no teachers would moan how over worked, under paid they were and most of all it was not the winter. After careful deliberation my family and I decided to spend our two-week vacation in the all night gambling capital of Las Vegas. We were looking forward to the 35oC weather, the theme parks built inside the over developed hotels and one of the greatest natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon. The hotel we wanted to stay at was called the MGM Grand. This hotel was like no other hotel I had ever seen. Not only did it have its own built in theme park with log flumes, roller coasters and any other ride imaginable but it also had twenty to thirty shops and restaurants all inside. ...read more.


The difference is that it has a roller coaster on the very top of the building that people sit it and get fired 50 feet up only to fall back down again. In simple terms it is the Pepsi Max (Trocadero, London) on top of a skyscraper. Even if I weren't thinking twice about the 'Screamer' I would definitely think at least three times about this. All the main hotels, casinos and shops were on the Strip, which is the main street in Vegas. From the Strip you could occasionally see what looked like a bird flying over the rooftops. At first I just thought that I had an eyelash in my eye, but when I asked I found out that this was the 'Screamer' in action. It was now the second day of our stay in the entertainment capital of the world. I woke up to a sky so clear that it didn't seem real. It then dawned on me that today was the day. With my entry form in one hand and my stomach in the other, I finally saw the 'Screamer. ...read more.


It was the most incredible feeling I had ever had. The adrenalin rushed through me, as I flew over the other inferior rides. I was flying forward until the rope caught up with me. At this point I was flying in reverse at around half the speed. This forward and reverse momentum continued until I was instructed to catch what looked like a fishing net without the net on it. After two attempts I caught and held onto it. It extended as I went back, only to shorten when pulling me back in. At this point I new that my flying was over as the hydraulic platform rose to help me down. I was taken out of the harness and back to the ground again. As I was walking back towards my parents who were still gob smacked that I went through with it, I felt mixed emotions. I had gone from being frightened to being overwhelmed with the sensation of freefall. This was the hardest thing that I had ever had to do and yet I now wanted something harder to get the adrenalin rush back. This was the first of many daring feats that I would like to carry out in the future. Maybe next time I will jump out of a plane! ...read more.

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