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The Wrong Category-Ending.

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The Wrong Category-Ending As she flung his hand off her arm the words came spitting out "or he's ugly or little like you." "What did you say?" replied Barry. "I said, 'or little like you, OK!" quoted the woman furiously. There they both stopped and looked each other straight in the eye. It was like they had just frozen, lost in space. You could hear in the distance an owl. Crisp packets and leaves racing across the tarmac. There was an eerie feel as the wind howled through the dark sky. A car went past with its exhaust banging and popping. The heap of junk with wheels distracted the woman. As she looked back Barry was still there facing her. She knew something was going to happen. ...read more.


She whizzed down the closest alleyway. There was Barry, still holding his face. As he stood up the street lamp caught the whole of his face. His blood dripping from the side of his face was as red as a tomato. He stopped. It was like he was having some kind of daydream. It must have been from the shock. A bit of tissue floating with the wind gently stroked the side of his face. It was as if this tissue made him regain consciousness. He bulged out his chest with bravery. The moon shone through the dark open sky. He could still hear her high-heels clogging. He took note of the sound. ...read more.


He charged at the figure. Held the spade in the air and......... "BANG!" sounded the spade. He pulled out what he thought was the woman, but. What he thought was the woman was actually a few bags of well-rotted manure. He turned around with embarrassment. "CRACK!" There, standing where his body lay, stood the women. In her hand you could make an outline of a long square thing, possibly a piece of wood. You could hear what sounded like water dripping from a tap. This wasn't water from a tap, this was blood dripping from dead Barry's head. You could feel the temperature rise. Birds were starting to sing and she knew that it wouldn't be long before someone discovered the body. You could hear her shoes in the background knocking as she ran away into the distance. Daniel Hamilton 10K ...read more.

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