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Theatre Coursework on 'A Doll's House'

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Theatre Coursework on 'A Doll's House' Plot Introduction The story of 'A Doll's House' is very complex, splitting into numerous sub-plots. However, the story in itself is quite linear and not very hard to follow. The only thing that would make this play confusing is the way that Nora changes her character and the way she acts between the different people. Nora's character is the most complex part of the play because of this. Essentially what happens in this play is that, Nora has taken a loan from a lawyer at the local bank. She forged the signature required for security on the loan. This is the suspense of the play and is the reason for the way Nora behaves throughout the play. Nora tries to keep her husband from finding out because he hates the idea of having loans but also because she has committed a crime that would ruin her husband's reputation. Which in the time this play was written, during the Victorian era, was the one of the worst things that a wife could do to her husband because during that time reputation and status was everything. As the play continues there are various sub-plots that break off that could be a story in itself if it was made longer and explored more. ...read more.


It is revealed that he knows Christine. He tries to blackmail Nora into using her powers as a wife to persuade Torvald into letting him keep his job at the bank. 10. When Torvald asks what Krogstad wanted, Nora asks what Krogstad did to be demerited in such a way. Torvald tells her that not only did he commit forgery but he lied to try and get himself out of it. This is exactly the thing that Nora has done. Act 2 1. The lights come up on a post-Christmas scene. The tree is stripped of decorations, the candles are burnt out and Nora is alone, wondering whether Krogstad will send the letter that will ruin her life. 2. The nanny comes in with a box of fancy-dress clothes to look at. They begin to talk and it becomes clear that she has decided to limit her contact with the children as much as possible. She consoles herself in the knowledge that the nanny will look after them. 3. Mrs. Linde arrives and starts to help Nora with her fancy-dress outfit. It is explained that Dr. Rank is suffering from TB of the spine which he inherited from his father because of his debauchery. ...read more.


9. She takes off her fancy dress as Torvald continues to talk about how he is going to look after her more than ever. 10. She insists that they sit down and discuss their marriage and points out that this is the first serious talk that they have ever had and that she has been played with by her father, then him. Torvald agrees that there is something in what she said but now she is going to educate her rather than play with her. She rebuts this and tells him that only she can educate herself and declares that she is leaving him. 11. She then rejects the idea that her first duties are to her husband and children and insist that her first duty is to herself. She declares that she rejects everything that has ever been told to her as fact, such as what she has learnt about religion. She also says that he destroyed her faith in miracles when he failed to carry out his promise of protecting her whenever something bad happened to her, and to finish it off, when the threat to himself was past he wanted to act as though nothing had happened. 12. She declares that she no longer loves him because he is not the man she thought him to be. Then, after returning his wedding ring, she leaves. ...read more.

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