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Their Eyes Were Watching God as a feminist, African American Novel

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Essay Topic #3: By Charlie Nelson Their Eyes Were Watching God as a feminist, African American Novel: - Janie is oppressed by three key people: Nana, Logan, and Jody. She eventually is brave enough to find what she wants with Tea Cake: true love. o Nana: oppresses Janie by forcing her to marry Logan out of guilt o Logan: oppresses Janie by forcing her to do all sorts of labor... ...read more.


o Tea Cake: Tea Cake allows for Janie's awakening because he gives her true love. Not only does he respect Janie as a woman, but he also doesn't ask anything from her. The move to find happiness with Tea Cake is what completes this tale as an African American, feminist novel. More that just feminist: - Janie is a heroine for everyone; we all wish to find our voice and find selfhood and empowerment o Represents the Black push for equality... ...read more.


Most Importantly: - Freedom is something internal. o Janie was technically a free woman her entire life. She was never a slave. Yet, psychologically she was a slave because in her mind the key to freedom was to be loved. For a long time she was a slave in her mind. Then, however, she finds freedom because this idea that she has no love was removed. Freedom is a feeling one gets inside when they feel complete, not a physical state. ...read more.

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