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Theme, Language and Structure of Poems This Room and Not My Business

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Theme, Language and Structure of Poems This Room and Not My Business Works Cited Missing The poem "This Room" suggests it has a theme of liberation and freedom. The first stanza hints at this e.g. "This room is breaking out". From line 14-15 talk about celebration by banging pots and pans. Perhaps the room has been oppressed for so long that its joy of freedom can only be expressed with sounds. "Not my Business" is a definite contrast to "This Room". The writer uses this poem to express apathy and oppression in the country they are in. Another theme that could be seen in this poem is fear. Fear of the jeep, fear of "They", and fear of losing the yam from his hungry hand. ...read more.


In "Not my Business", the writer uses personification in lines 3-4 in the first stanza: "?stuffed him down the belly of the waiting jeep". By using this personification, the reader gets a powerful image of the jeep becoming something evil lying in wait for its victims. This conveys the jeep as a sort of beast not an inanimate object. I believe the writer uses this to show that everything plays its part in emanating the evil of oppression. The use of the dynamic verb "stuffed" creates expresses the action in which "they" put Akanni into the jeep. It suggests a violent action used in this context. The writer uses similes to create an imagery which makes the poem descriptive. For instance, "They? beat him soft like clay" (line 2). This creates a strong image of a man critically injured and weak. ...read more.


This creates a slower rhythm, possibly because of the theme of the poem and the urgency of each stanza has to sink in. There is also repetition of three lines in the first three stanzas: "What business of mine is it So long they don't take the yam From my savouring mouth?" This repetition emphasizes the state of mind the person being written about is in. He will stand back to defend his own but will not defend others because he believes it is "not my business". In my opinion, the two poems contrast in the message they want to give out. "Not my Business" is a poem that says it's reaching out. It's is oppressed by fear and it is in need for change. "This Room", after being in death and dark for so long, has finally embraced change and broken free off all things oppressing it. ...read more.

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