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Theme of love in a view from the bridge

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Themes in a view from the Bridge Love I think A view from the Bridge is very much a play about love. About the darker side of love and the destructions that love can wrought. It is love, rather than hatred that fuels the violence in the story and it is love which ultimately leads to the tragedy. There are many different forms of love in the play. Family love: Beatrice/Catherine/Eddie Marco's love for his family. He has come to America to provide a better life for them and misses them terribly: I'm lonesome. ...read more.


in Brooklyn, I went to Hoboken...all over' Has high hopes for her ' I want you to work with different kind of people' he is proud of her looks calling her 'Madonna' but is concerned with the attention she receives: 'I don't like the looks they're givin' you in the candy store.; Brotherly love between Marco and Rodolfo Love for a place, Rodolfo and Marco's love for their homeland Rodolfo's affections for America. Catherine says: 'he's crazy for New York.' ...read more.


is no longer returned and is increasingly in conflict with her love for Catherine Love for family is at the heart of Marco's anger against Eddie The most problematic love of them all, however, is Eddie's improper, and increasing obsessive love for Catherine. The play shows that love is not always beautiful. It creates the conflict between the characters. It can pain the one who loves and also the person who is loved and those around them. For Eddie, it also causes conflict within himself when he cannot admit to his illicit love for Catherine. ...read more.

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