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Theme Park

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My summer was not exactly the way I planned it. I assumed it will be the usual: staying at home, cleaning, helping around the house and maybe occasionally going out with my friends however this year was different. I woke up and I assumed I was going to do the usual on a Saturday morning however it was not the same this time. My mum woke me up earlier than usual and I was shocked to the fact it was only eight in the morning. I thought to myself 'maybe today is going to be different'. Nevertheless I crawled myself out of bed like a snail, I felt so drained for some reason. My mum was all dressed up however I was so tired to even wonder why, all I wanted to do is was back to bed suddenly my mum spoke 'Jot we are going to Alton Towers today'. Suddenly I had a burst of energy like as if I had turned into a cartoon hero. ...read more.


In the end I rested on my mum's shoulder and then I started to drift to sleep. Suddenly I a loud noise came from nowhere I woke up immediately and I saw a train racing over the tracks above me. The noise was deafening, I griped my mum's hand tight as the train galloped above our heads and it headed towards a dark tunnel. I heard faint screams from the train as it entered this black hole of doom. I suddenly began to have mixed emotions, at first I was excited I wanted to get to the ticket office so badly now however I became slightly scared. I looked up again and another train went by, it was going even faster. The old metal work of the track began to shake as the train rushed past me and entered the tunnel again. Before I could tell my mum I wanted to go home we were already at the ticket machine paying for the tickets. ...read more.


I went into my pockets and grabbed hold of the map and wondered where to go next, I looked at the map and I thought of heading myself down to the water rides, well at this ride I thought "thank god" as It didn't have a long queue, I sat down with my family and thought this was going to be a relaxing ride but the soon changed as I got sprayed in the face with water then next thing I knew I was all soaking through feeling like I had jumped into the sea with my clothes on. My day was nearly coming to end, as the sun had gone down, a sunset feeling was arising the sky becoming peachy, I had no energy left to walk back to the car park, I scraped my feet against the concrete dragging myself along left behind by my family, finally catching up with them I sat down fasted my seat belt and I allowed myself to be strapped back in, inside this prison once again and as the car slowly moved I slowly drifted off to sleep. ...read more.

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